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Nick J. Thierry, Editor / Publisher

This month we cover extensively the 1997 FINA World Cup series. Paris-based Karin Helmstaedt travelled to all the competitions and wrote the meet reports as well as many features on the prominent personalities on the tour. Jet-leg and the flu were just some of the obstacles she had to overcome.

The nine world records bettered during the tour indicate the excitement that these competitions are now generating. No wonder Australia, Brazil, and Canada are planning to host future competitions in an expansion of the series. The added media exposure can only be good for swimming.

The second and final portion of the interview with Dave Johnson by Cecil Colwin leads off this issue.

With most of the major international competitions (World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Olympics) in the Far East during the next three years, careful budgeting will be an added challenge for Dave and SNC.

For those not old enough to know, Cecil Colwin had the position as Dave Johnson, with the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association (CASA) as SNC was known until the 1980s. Colwin was appointed National Technical Director in 1972, following the Munich Olympics, and stayed in the post until 1977. He originated many innovative ideas including TAG, which has been an integral part of this magazine since our first issue in 1974. He wrote the first Coaching Certification Manuals for Swimming Coaches for the various levels.

Paul Quinlan interviewed Deryk Snelling in Australia, and he explains what his job in the U.K. is all about.

Dr. Ralph Richards, Coaching and Development Co-ordinator for Australian Swimming, was interviewed by Cecil Colwin and he talks on how winning coaches and swimmers are produced down under, as well as some observation, on Kieren Perkins' long-term preparation as the underlying reasons for his success.

We are experiencing long delays in receiving major competition results in Canada. Many request for the Junior National results on our web site have remained unmet as we have not received these. It sometimes takes five to six weeks for bigger results to arrive. We can't rank them if we don't have them!

For major national level meets, if meet hosts fax the finals for senior events each day, we will put them online.

Edmonton has received approval from SNC to make a bid to FINA to host the 1999 World Short Course Championships. They will be in competition with Hong Kong. We wish them success.

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