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We're Back, Bigger, Better and with a New Name


Nick J. Thierry, Editor / Publisher

We're back with our first 1997 issue. Welcome to SWIMNEWS!

After a very successful 1996, this is our first issue in colour with expanded coverage.
After 22 years, we are changing our name and our cover design to reflect our greater international readership. We will continue to focus on Canadian swimming as always but will expand our international coverage.

Featured in this issue is the first of a series of interviews with Dave Johnson, Swimming/Natation Canada's Coach of High Performance Services. This month's topic is National Centres.

Cecil Colwin travelled to Sainte-Foy, Quebec, site of the Canadian Open and interviewed South Africa's Penny Heyns on her career, influences, and technique. Colwin feels this to be one of the very best interviews with an athlete he's ever done.

Cecil also gives details on the appointment of Jan Bidrman, Heyn's coach at the University of Nebraska, as National Centre Coach in Calgary.

Our British correspondent, Anita Lonsbrough, covered the European Sprint Championships and the British Short Course Championships.

We also have reports from the US Open and the Australian Short Course Championships.

Karin Helmstaedt comments on the latest IOC follies and shares some pointed suggestions from a writer in the Paris-based L'Equipe Magazine on the IOC and the Olympics.

We received permission to re-print a pointed column by Toronto Sun sports writer Steve Buffery suggesting its time for Canadian IOC Vice-President Richard Pound to go to bat for the Canadian women swimmers who were cheated out of their gold medals at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

We're adding some statistical coverage to every issue: world rankings, Canadian University best times, and an expanded records and calendar section.


With this issue we are adding two new contributors Paul Quinlan and George Block.

Paul Quinlan has been absorbed in the sport he loves for over forty years, first as a teacher, then as an on-deck coach, and later as a coach administrator/educator.

As a physical education teacher he was employed by the Victorian and Queensland Departments of Education. In 1970 he was appointed Head Coach of an Australian team that competed successfully in South Africa. Later he became involved in the certification and accreditation of coaches, and has conducted FINA/Olympic Solidarity coaching courses in a number of overseas countries and Australia. He has also been a guest speaker at the Australian and American Swimming Coaches Conventions on a number of occasions.

Paul was an originator of the professional associations for swimming teachers and coaches at provincial and national levels in Australia, and of the World Swimming Coaches Association, of which he was a founding Vice-president. After ten years as National Coaching Director for Australian Swimming and Executive Director of the Australian Coaches organisation, Paul was invited to join the Australian Institute of Sport as Swim Team Manager.

Following a successful tenure in that position he has retired from the AIS to follow his interest in the International Swimming Statisticians Association.
He has his own Internet site at http://www.netathlete.com, where you can find Australian Rankings, his innovative computer coaching programs, and sports science information.

SWIMNEWS appointed Paul as a correspondent and representative in December 1996; he will write in-depth reports from Australia and the Oceania region. He will be ideally placed for the World Championships in Perth, Western Australia in 1998 and the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

George E. Block, head coach of the Alamo Area Aquatic Association, joins SWIMNEWS and will be covering the competitive side of swimming in the United States.

George has a B.A. (English) from the University of Notre Dame. He was swimming team captain while at Notre Dame, and competed at the international level in Modern Pentathlon during 1973-76.

George has been coaching the Alamo Area Aquatic Association in San Antonio, Texas since 1978. He was a U.S. National Team Coach from 1989 to 1995.

Some of the better-known swimmers coached by George are Bruce Hayes, famous for anchoring the 4x200 free relay for the USA at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Hayes dove in ahead of Michael Gross, GER, who caught up and passed Hayes in the first 50. On the last length, Gross still had a two-foot lead, but Hayes gradually moved up and at the finish they touched even. Eventually the scoreboard indicated a first for the USA..

Current world-ranked swimmers are Megan Ryther and Matt Hooper. George Block was Nicaragua's national coach at the 1993 CCANs, 1994 Rome World Championships, and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, as he is personal coach of that country's top swimmer, Walter Soza.

Block is currently President of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) and has been a board member since 1991.

Since the fall is the period when Canadian readers renew their subscriptions we can report a 10% increase from the over 100 swim clubs that buy in bulk at a substantial discount.
Our August 1996 issue covering the Olympics was considered our best ever. We still have several extra copies. If you're a new subscriber and would like to receive a complimentary copy of this souvenir issue, drop us a line with your name and address, and we'll be pleased to send you your own copy.

Next month we'll report on the FINA World Cup Series, which got underway in early January.
Karin Helmstaed will be at every competition of the eight-meet series. She is in charge of media liaison for all the competitions.

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