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Nick J. Thierry
Editor / Publisher

This month's feature is the Australian World Championships Team Trials, held in Brisbane October 5-11. Like many other competitions it was held over seven days, thus reinforcing the trend to longer competitions worldwide. Paul Quinlan covered the competition and reports on great performances from Michael Klim, Grant Hackett, the amazing Ian Thorpe, 14, finishing ahead of Kieren Perkins (who missed the team for the first time in almost a decade), and the always reliable Susie O'Neill and Samantha Riley.

No sooner were the Aussies finished when the Chinese results started to arrive, and Yan Chen's world record (pending ratification) in the 400 I.M. stunned the world. It was followed by world-leading times in 10 women's events. Commentary from Karin Helmstaedt, Cecil Colwin and Forbes Carlile give some perspective on the magnitude of this accomplishment.

Until the arrival of the Chinese results, Kristine Quance, USA, was one of the top prospects for Perth. Russ Ewald tells her story. This fine athlete could now be deprived of the spotlight she's worked so hard for.

Paul Palmer, GBR, won two golds at the Europeans this summer. Anita Lonsbrough explains his use of a training device that has made the difference.

The German scandals are developing day-by-day with new revelations and charges levelled at the guilty parties. Karin Helmstaedt reports from Germany where she participated in the TV documentary described on page 18. This show was broadcast twice in Germany, also in Australia and indications are that NBC and the CBC might be interested to re-broadcast in North America. Karin did quite a bit of the work on this program.

The 21-page top 50 TAG times includes 18 & over top performances, but the club scoring does not include these.

This is the 10th and final issue for 1997.
It's been an exciting year. The expanded coverage to 48 pages has been easier to do than anticipated. In fact we usually have more material than room. Feed-back has been generally very positive.

We publish a couple of letters this month that criticize some aspects. Thanks anyway for taking the trouble to write. We value all opinions.

We'll be going to print with the January 1998 issue mid-December and it will have a preview of the World Championships in Perth.

If you have just become a subscriber and would like some of the earlier issues for 1997, especially from the summer months, let us know. We'll send them to you.

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