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Katharine Dunn

SHERBROOKE-It was a double for UBC as its teams swept both the men's and women's titles. It was the first victory for the UBC men-who took home 17 gold medals-since the 1964-65 season. The women's team had only seven swimmers.

After the meet, UBC coach Tom Johnson said, "The team raced really well. The women rose to the occasion with the help of team leaders Sarah Evanetz and Glencora Maughan. We knew it would be hard (to beat Toronto) but they did a great job. It's often difficult to get the men's and women's teams to perform well together, but they really respect each other and care for each other, and that's what they did."

UBC swimmer Brent Sallee won 400 and 1500 freestyle
Click image for larger photo. Photo © Marco Chiesa

University of Calgary head coach Mike Blondal was happy about his team's performance even though the men's team lost their title for the first time in three years. "We're going to get the trophies back next year," he said. "Both men and women."

The women's high point award/swimmer of the meet was Sarah Evanetz (UBC) for the 100 fly. Mark Versfeld (UBC) was the men's high point award/swimmer of the meet for his 200 IM.

Men's coach of the year went to Tom Johnson (UBC), and he tied with Victoria coach Peter Vizsolyi for the women's coach of the year.

Andrea Moody (UCSC) and Hugues Legault (UdM) were Sprint Cup winners for their gold medals in the 50 and 100 freestyle events. Moody had shoulder surgery in July but swam best times at the meet. "I feel incredible," she beamed. "My confidence is through the roof."

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