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Lochte Chases The Love Of His Life

Feb 25, 2013

News Round-Up:

USA: Ryan Lochte has got the gold (Olympic 400m medley champion four years after he was Olympic 200m backstroke champion) and now wants the girl. In his reality show "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" the swimmer is looking for Miss Right right in New York. "Looking for love is definitely a quest," says the 28-year-old swimmer in the show. "I definitely do want to find love, but I don't know if that will happen on the show." The show premieres on April 21 but the quest goes on, according to the New York Daily News, which quotes Lochte as saying: "I am still a single guy, so we will see what happens." He adds: "I'm like every other guy. I get turned down sometimes. I mean that's just the way it is in life, no matter who you are. You have got to roll with the punches." Last year, he told SwimNews in Florida: "I don't think about what will happen down the road. I know eventually I want to have a family. Have kids and everything. That's what I'm looking forward to when I'm done in the pool [after 2016]. I have no partner. I'm just having fun right now."

Australia: Grant Stoelwinder, Olympic coach to the two relay sprinters who James Magnussen  named as having told him that Stilnox was a team tradition, has taken some of the blame being levelled at head coach Leigh Nugent in the wake of two damning reviews into Australian swimming and events around London 2012. Stoelwinder, coach to Eamon Sullivan and Matt Targett, told The Australian: "We acted as an advisory group to Leigh and we collectively decided that we wanted to do individual preparations and when we were going to come into (team) camp. Leigh is the head coach and the buck does stop with him but we helped him make those decisions." The individual approach had been costly to team culture, he acknowledged. "Maybe you can't be so flexible with things and there needs to be a little more structure. We tried to do it for performance, and we got it wrong."

Italy: Martina Caramignoli clocked 16:03.00 over 1500m free at a short-course meet at Roma Pietralata. Meanwhile, Marco Orsi retuned home from a camp in Tenerife to win the backstroke and 'fly dash events at a short-course meet in Forlì, his times 24.43 and 24.66 respectively. He also won the 100m free, in 48.54 and finished second in the 100m back, on 54.27, with breaststroke ace and world s/c champion Fabio Scozzoli on 54.98 and the winner, Marco Di Tora, on 53.57. In other results, Filippo Barbacini clocked 3:53.96 in the 400m free, with Scozzoli third in 3:58.02. Scozzoli clocked 1:01.25 in the 100m breaststroke. Among women, world s/c 100m butterfly champion Ilaria Bianchi clocked 56.00 to win the 100m free. At the Livorno s/c meet, Federico Turrini had a busy weekend, winning the 200m freestyle in 1:49.09, taking second in the 200m breaststroke, in 2:14.62, the 200m butterfly, in 2:00.26, and the 200m medley, in 2:02.29. The long-course season looms large but focus remains on s/c at college level in the US, in many meets in Europe and over in Japan, with swift times at short-course nationals that ended at the weekend.