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Euro Junior Challenge For 24 Brits

Mar 14, 2013  - Craig Lord

A team of 24 young Brits has been selected to race at the European Junior Championships (EJCs) to be held in Poznan, Poland from July 10-14. 

Mark Perry, Interim Technical Lead for British Swimming and in charge of the development programme for a federation backed by £15m of British Gas funding, said: “The European Junior Championships is one of the target meets on the Podium Potential Programme and this year we have adopted a tough selection policy. We are taking a smaller, more medal focused group who we believe have the potential to make the team for Rio 2016 and beyond.

“This meet offers some swimmers the first chance to represent their country at a very high standard of competition, giving them valuable experience for the future.”

At the helm of the team are teenagers on the cusp of making a breakthrough into senior waters, including Matthew Johnson and James Guy.

The British Gas GBR Swimming Team is:

  • Harry Ackland                    Plymouth Leander
  • Alex Dunk                           Prescot
  • James Guy                          Millfield
  • Caleb Hughes                    Hatfield
  • Matthew Johnson              City of Sheffield
  • Joel Knight                          Millfield
  • Max Litchfield                    Doncaster DARTES
  • Jack Smith                           Plymouth Leander
  • Mark Szaranek                  Carnegie
  • Nathan Theodoris              British Gas Swansea ITC
  • Shauntelle Austin              Blackpool Aquatics
  • Megan Briggs                     Warrender Baths
  • Harriet Cooper                   City of Leicester
  • Kathleen Dawson               Warrington Warriors
  • Emma Day                           Guildford City
  • Alice Dearing                      Royal Wolverhampton School
  • Lucy Hope                           Borders Elite Swim Team (BEST)
  • Ellena Jones                       Swim Swansea
  • Amber Keegan                  NOVA Centurion
  • Katie Latham                      Thanet Swim
  • Lucy McKenzie                  Cockermouth
  • Erin Nabney                       Ealing
  • Rosie Rudin                        NOVA Centurion
  • Linda Shaw                         City of Leeds