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Swimmers Victorious at Northwestern Relays

Oct 30, 2000

EVANSTON, Ill. -- The Northwestern Men's and Women's Swimming squads earned victories after hosting the NU Relays on Sunday at the Norris Aquatics Center. The women won all 11 of their events while the men won nine of the 11 events contested.

The first victory for the women came in the 300 butterfly (2:48.56), consisting of Erin Swenson, Rachel Johnson and Merritt Adams. The second win came in the 300 backstroke (2:49.95), consisting of Susie Sample, Nicole Bernard and Tashy Bohm, followed by a 300 breast stroke win (3:20.50), consisting of Kaisa Greenberg, Lauren Moore and Ashley Wagner. In the fourth event, the Wildcats defeated the 800 freestyle competition (7:39.28) with Swenson, Bernard, Vicky West and Johnson. The 50 freestyle (4:37.15) included Moore, Sample, Swenson and Bernard, while the 400 Medley (3:53.10) was won by Bohm, Wagner, Adams and Katie Simmons. The Wildcats won the 200 free (1:37.94) with Moore, Swenson, Adams and Reeves and the 1500 free (15:13.07), with Rose, West and Bernard. The next victory came in the 200 Medley (1:48.25), consisting of Bohm, Wagner, Adams and Reeves, followed by the 400 Medley winners (3:57.67), Simmons, Adams, Wagner and Johnson. The women wrapped up there perfect meet in the 400 freestyle (3:34.99), with Sample, Reeves, Simmons and Swenson winning by two seconds.

For the men, they opened with a 300 butterfly victory (2:29.37), consisting of Jason Merchant, Mark Hamming and Steve Steketee. The 300 breaststroke won (2:53.23), with Eugene Kim, Aaron McCracken and Chris Meyer, followed by the 800 freestyle (6:51.71), consisting of Tony Swanson, Mike Shue, Shelby Clark and Steketee. Next, the Wildcats won the 500 freestyle (4:03.68), with Adam Kennedy, Barnes, Steketee and Swanson, and then won the 400 Medley (3:28.44), with Kellan O'Connor, Kim, Todd Capen and Merchant. Northwestern turned in victories in the 200 freestyle (1:24.32), consisting of Steketee, Swanson, Barnes and Kennedy, and the 200 Medley (1:35.71), with Kennedy, Kim, Swanson and Barnes. They rounded out the meet with the last two victories; the 400 Medley (3:30.58), consisting of O'Connor, Merchant, Hamming and Capen and the 400 freestyle(3:05.92), with Swanson, Kennedy, Barnes and Steketee..

Big Ten rivals Michigan State claimed the only victories from the Wildcat men in the 1500 freestyle and the 300 backstroke..

The women's squad will next be in action on Friday as they travel to Indiana for a double-dual meet against the Hoosiers and the Kentucky Wildcats. The men will take a break from their three-meet weekend and will next see action when they host Wisconsin on November 10.

Northwestern 212; Michigan State 184; UW-Milwaukee 148; Truman State 140; UIC 108.

Northwestern 220; Michigan State 170; Truman State 160; UW-Milwaukee 118; UIC 112.