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Suzu Chiba Loses On Appeal To CAS

Aug 4, 2000  - Sumire Watanabe

The CAS has decided to dismiss the appeal filed by Suzu Chiba against her non-selection for the Japanese 2000 Olympic Team. The Sole arbitrator found that there was particular no particular unequal treatment of Japanese swimmers by the JASF. On the other hand, he found that the JASF did not adequately communicate the selection criteria to the Japanese swimmers. He considered that, if the JASF had disclosed its selection policy, this appeal procedure might have been avoided. Therefore, he ordered the JASF to pay an amount of CHF(Swiss franc) 10,000 to partly compensate Suzu Chiba for the expenses incurred in connection with this appeal procedure.

Chiba met the Olympic qualifying standards at the Japanese Trials in April despite competing with a high fever. It is known that Chiba's decision to train in Canada at the University of Waterloo under coach Bud McAllister has angered Japanese swimming officials.

In 1999 Chiba was ranked 3rd in the World in the 100m free and 2nd in the 200m free.

After the appeal Chiba said, "I think this decision is fair. I want to make it a fair sports environment in Japan where all young athletes have dreams for the Olympics".

Hironoshin Furuhashi, the President of the JASF said, "We are right entirely. We selected 9 male swimmers ranked 99 world top 16 in 1999 and 12 female swimmers ranked top 8. We think that they have the potential for Olympic medals".