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Women's Swimming Pioneer Dies

Jul 19, 2000

Alice Lord-Landon a member of the first US Women's Olympic Swimming & Diving team that competed in the 1920 Olympic's in Antwerp passed away last Thursday at the age of 98.

Lord-Landon was a member of the Women's Swimming Association of New York which she joined in 1919 and trained under the famous womens coach L. deB Handley.

The Women's Swimming Association of New York dominated womens swimming from 1920 to 1932. Her teammates included Aileen Riggin, Helen Meany, Helen Wainwright, Ethelda Bleivtrey and Charlotte Boyle as well as early womens coach and manager Charlotte Epstein who worked with L. deB Handley.

In 1928 she served as the chaparone to the Women's Olympic Swimming and Diving Team in Amsterdam.

Lord-Landon was inducted into the International Swimming Halll of Fame in 1993 as a Pioneer Swimmer and Contributor.

In 1984 she led U.S. athletes in the opening procession at the Los Angeles Olympics and in 1996 she carried the Olympic torch in through Daytona Beach at the age of 94.