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Thorpe Accused Again by a German

Jul 14, 2000  - Paul Quinlan

Ian Thorpe was again accused of taking human growth hormones. The first accuser was the German Head Coach Manfred Thiessman and now the charge is repeated by German swimmer, Chris-Carol Bremer, sparking a quick response from father Ken and mother Margaret Thorpe to display the sizes of their hands and feet to unequivocally illustrate that the young champion's anthropological measures are the result of genetics and have not been achieved through un-natural, illegal methods.

Thorpe will also release the results of the many and frequent tests he has had by drug agencies in a number of countries both in Australia and internationally. As a many times winner of international events this naturally talented young athlete like other in the same category is automatically tested by the world's leading drug testing laboratories.

Now, the young Australian has also offered to provide blood samples for testing before the Sydney Olympic Games begin. What more can he do?

Now let's hear it from all the world's leading swimmers to do likewise or cease the mind games which are not in the best interests of swimming.

It is unfortunate that every swimmer such as Thorpe and Inge de Buijn have to face accusations from people who should keep their opinions within their own circles or organisations and not broadcast them in the world's media beforte they are proven.

As has been often said, "A man is innocent until proven guilty and and ther are proper chanels to work through."

Of course we would all feel a lot more confident in following that advice with