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Day 2 Report from the Trofeu Jose Finkel in Brazil

Jun 10, 2000  - Julian and Rogerio Romero


400 Free

Improving 9 seconds from last year, Monique Ferreira broke the South American record for the second time with a 4:16.70 (1:02.95, 2:07.92, 3:12.86). Yana Klochkova won the event with a time of 4:14.48 (1:01.30, 2:05.78, 3:10.61). Nayara Ribeiro was third in 4:21.73 (1:02.87, 2:10.24, 3:17.83). The day before Ribeiro broke the South American record in the heats with a time of (4:17.23) but it was to last only one heat as Ferreira set a new time of 4:17.14 in the next heat. In the last heat of the event Klochkova tied that time.

In the mens event Luiz Lima was defending his title for the 8th time, and had a good challenger in Bruno Bonfim. Rodrigo Castro was third in 3:59.24.

LUIZ LIMA 27.64 57.10 1:56.91 2:57.03 3:55.91
BRUNO BONFIM 27.81 57.26 1:57.04 2:57.33 3:56.54

100 Back

Fabiola Molina just missed the olympic (1:02.90) cut in the prelims with her 1:03.12, breaking her continental record by 3 hundreths. The pressure was enormous in her main final, with all swimmers cheering. Her 1:03.64 (30.99) may not be the last opportunity to Sydney, as Coaracy Nunes, the president of the Brazilian Federation, was talking about the medley relay. That might be good for her, but it is very problematic, as others swimmers could ask for the same opportunity. Laura Crespo was second in 1:04.93 (31.51), and Talita Ribeiro, 15, was third in 1:05.69 (32.04). The Flamengo team had their first 1-2 finish of the championships.

In the mens, Rogerio Romero equalled the meet record of 56.18, which Alexandre Massura who was second 56.40 (27.54), set last year. Paulo Machado was third with 56.45 (27.72).

50 Breast

The Comini's sisters won again, but this time it was Milene who was first in 33.50, leaving Patricia in second in 33.84. Ellen Borgo was third with 34.23.

For a moment the winner was a surprising Bogodar Spack, but he was disqualified. It was a close race for the next three, with Eduardo Fischer in first with 29.50, second Guilherme Belini a hundreth behind, and Felipe Brandao, last year's winner, with 29.54. In the B final, Alan Pessotti won with 29.42, a better time than the A finalists.

4x200 Free

1st VASCO: Muniz (2.09.00), Lima (2.04.28), Trevisan (2.06.60) e Klochkova (2.03.12)
2nd FLAMENGO: Ferreira (2.03.13), Miatto (2.08.69), Brochado (2.06.41), Oliveira (2.07.88)

1st FLAMENGO: Leal (1.55.40), Oliveira (1.52.03), Massura (1.52.60), Bonfim (1.51.87)
2nd VASCO: Valerio (1.53.52), Lima (1.53.89), Jayme (1.52.80), Borges (1.51.83)


1. VASCO: 1,979.5
2. FLAMENGO: 1,351
4. UNISANTA: 385
5. MINAS: 288