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Day 1 Report from the Trofeu Jose Finkel in Brazil

Jun 9, 2000  - Julian and Rogerio Romero


Monique Ferreira was just 9 hundreths short of her South American record in the 200, with a time of 2:02.48 (59.9), still far from the olympic cut of 2:00.89.

Rodrigo Castro is now the 4th seed in the 4x200 relay, and is going to Sydney with his 1:51.65.

Carlos Sayao was disqualified for a false start in the 400 IM (he swam a 4:24). He is a dual citzen, Brazilian and Canadian, and was swimming in the Canadian Olympic Trials just one week ago.

Five swimmers were disqualified in the 200 breast.


200 free

Monique Ferreira was in the lead from the start winning the event in 2:02.85. In second place was Ana Carolina Muniz 2:04.44 and in third was Tatiana Lemos 2:04.93. The first four times would give an 8:15, 800 free relay, 5 seconds slower than the olympic cut.

In the men's event Rodrigo Castro was first until 150m when Luiz Lima started his move. But it was Edvaldo Valerio with an awesome final 50 (26.42) who was the winner. His time was 1:51.95, with Lima in second 1:52.04 and Castro third 1:52.16.

400 IM

Yana Klochkova, swimming for Vasco, was slower than her prelims (4:42), but still too fast for the brazilian with 4:46.14 (1.04.93, 2.19.50, 3.40.79). Barbara Jatoba was second with 4:55.58, and Lilian Cerroni was third 4:58.66. This year the Federation decided to do the right thing, and Jatoba was awarded with Klochkova in first, as the brazilian champion and the champion of the meet.

Without Sayao, it became an easy win for Grigory Matuzkov, who has been living in Rio for the past 3 years. His 4.27.55 (1.01.60, 2.08.23, 3.24.42) was a meet record. The brazilian winner was Alexandre Angelotti with 4:33.79, thanks to a last 100 (1.01.68, 2.13.68, 3.34.83). In third Alexandre Andreoli with 4:34.33 (1.02.20, 2.10.81, 3.31.71).

200 Breast

It was Patricia Comini, the South American record holder, who led from the start, finishing in 2.35.47 (36.30, 1.16.96, 1.56.34), a meet record. In second her sister Milene with 2:40.99, and third to Luciana Ramos 2:43.25. Ana Jensen was second but was disqualifeid. The Comini sisters swim for different clubs, Patricia for Flamengo and Milene for Vasco.

In what probably will be the only event that wasn't won by a swimmer from either Vasco or Flamengo, Marcelo Tomazini 2:19.49 came from behind to beat his team mate from Pinheiros, Fabio Mauro 2:19.91. In third the young Henrique Barbosa with his best time of 2:20.18.

100 Fly

Yes, a world record holder in Brazil. Inge de Brujin, swimming for Vasco couldn't go the magic 56, but swam a fast 57.65. Ivi Monteiro was second in 1.02.86 with a split time of (29.67) and third was Maria Pereira 1:04.13, of Argentina, who was representing the Pinheiros team here. It was the third straight 1-2 finish for Vasco.

In the mens 100 fly it was Kaio Marcio, Fernando Alves and Fernando Scherer from Flamengo who take the lead, but it was Gabriel Mangabeira with a strong finish who was first to the wall in 54.38 (26.41), followed by Marcio 54.82 (25.67) and Alves 54.98 (25.51). Scherer had to settle for fifth place behind Eric Sona in fourth. Mangabeira time was just 14 hundreths slower than Scherer time from last year.

50 Back

Fabiola Molina had a great race winning in 29.79, taking 16 hundreths off her South American record. Laura Crespo was second in 30.76, followed by the freestyler sprinter Rebeca Gusmao 30.83.

Alexandre Massura (26.38) was fast enough to beat Paulo Machado (26.68) and Rogerio Romero (27.05). The first two complained they beat each other during the pulling.

4x50 Relay

1st: Vasco: Klochkova (27.17), Gusmao (26.15), Lemos (26.10), De Bruijn (24.82)
2nd: Flamengo: Borgo (28.05), Delaroli (26.18), Comini (26.31), Ferreira (26.55) South American record
3rd: Pinheiros: Souza (27.92), Ribeiro (27.31), Molotievschi (28.02), Machado (26.75)

1st: Vasco: Valerio (22.55, Olympic Cut), Jayme (22.36), Quintaes (22.44), Borges (22.54) South American record
2nd: Flamengo: Dornelas (23.17), Cordeiro (22.53), Scherer (23.28), Massura (22.56)
3rd: Vasco B: Gueraldi, Borghi, Piovesan (22.79), Machado (23.49)


1. Vasco: 1,206
2. Flamengo: 802.5
3. Pinheiros: 331
4. Unisanta: 233
5. Minas: 162