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USOC Changes Could Be Good For Swimming

Apr 15, 2000

Norm Blake, head of the U.S. Olympic Committee is going to restructure support for sports.

His restructuring plans would call for reduced support for some non traditional medal winning sports while enriching the more traditional medal winning sports, which would include swimming. About half of the 45 sports that the USOC helps fund will feel cuts as a result of the restructuring.

The sports would then be focused on medal count. The higher the count, the better chance for support and a bigger share of the USOC pie.

This could be very good for swimming which has always had a good medal haul at the Olympic Games.

In his efforts to make the National Governing Bodies more accountable the USOC changes will call for the renegoitation of agreements to provide them with core coaching, marketing, operational and accounting/bookkeeping support.

The governing bodies themselves will be charged with running efficient operations, maintaining staff and payments to coaches and athletes as well as maintaing training facilities and pursuing fundraising for the individual sports.