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Arena Offers Prize Money At European Diving Cup

Apr 6, 2000

LEN Press Release
LEN is pleased to inform that Arena, the Title and Main sponsor of this competition, will award 1000 Swiss Francs to each pair performing the best dive in the 3m Women, 3m Men, 10m Women and 10m Men Synchronized Diving competitions.

The decision of our long term partner to allocate 4.000 Swiss Francs of prize money to the 'synchro dives' with the highest number of points at the Arena European Diving Cup shall serve to create a stimulating symbiosis amongst the performing athletes on one side and the public on the other hand.

Since many years Arena has been a loyal partner to LEN and European Diving. It was at a time when they initiated their sponsorship of the European Diving Cup that the Synchronised Diving competitions where introduced on a continuous basis at the Arena European Diving Cup. Today, this most spectacular discipline has established as a major attraction and became part of the programme of the Olympic Games.

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