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8 World Records Set At IGLA Championships In Atlanta

Jun 29, 1999

ATLANTA - June 22, 1999 - The tenth International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championships came to a close with 8 new world Master's Swimming records. There were also 22 new United States Masters National records, 5 French National records, and dozens of new IGLA records set.

The meet also saw several firsts. These firsts included a new medium team trophy; the first women's Water Polo tournament; and the first synchronized diving competitions. All competitions took place at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, the same venue where international audiences watched the 1996 Olympic aquatic competitions.

Seven nations and 27 U.S. states and the District of Columbia were represented at this year's competition in Atlanta. Countries included Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States. The largest team was the District of Columbia Aquatic Club with 103 swimmers, plus their water polo team. DC's team was the first time any team had brought over 100 competitors to an IGLA Championship. Overall, there were 719 swimmers, 6 divers, and 75 water polo players attending the meet.

8 world Master's Swimming records, 22 United States Masters National records, 5 French National records, and dozens of IGLA records were broken.

The championships were well attended by athletes of all levels, including many first-time competitors. The Championships also included appearances by U.S. Olympic diver David Pichler, and U.S. Olympic swimmer Bruce Hayes. David Pichler appeared on behalf of meet sponsor, Speedo. Other major meet sponsors included Adolf Kieser, The Advocate, Southern Voice & Eclipse Magazines, Etc Magazine, Naya Water, and Proforma Communications & Print.

Next year's championships, IGLA2000, will be held in Paris, France, April 21-25, 2000. Visit the website created by Paris Aquatique, hosts of IGLA2000 at http://www.IGLA2000.org