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Dawn Fraser Has Suggestions For IOC

Jun 22, 1999

At a press conference in Seoul, Korea for the newly formed athletes' lobby group, OATH (Olympic Advocates Together Honourably), Australian swimming great, Dawn Fraser has come up with a solution for the IOC's image problem.

She suggests that the IOC members come down from their "ivory towers" and instead of staying in five star luxury accomodations during the Olympic Games, she suggests that they stay in the athletes village and rub shoulders with the athletes. She also suggests that they could ride the athletes buses instead of riding around in limousines.

It was also suggested that perhaps the IOC delegates could save money by dining in the athlete village cafeteria.

Its our own opinion here at Swimnews that this would have the added beneficial effect of reducing the number of delegates who would want to actually attend the Games themselves. Now that would be a big money saver for the host cities.