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Cloud Over LEN Championships

Apr 16, 1999

April 8
LEN (Ligue Europeen de Natation) advised that the 1999 European Championships scheduled for Istanbul (TUR) July 22-Aug 1 will not be cancelled or moved to another city because of the on-going conflict with the Kurds within Turkey.

LEN is concentrating on increased security measures in Istanbul to insure a safe championships.

April 9
The Austrian (OSV) and British (ASA) swimming federations have couriered LEN asking for a venue change for the European championships due to the disruption by the political turmoil caused by the Kurds within Turkey. Both federations offered to host the competition in Vienna or Sheffield.

The LEN Bureau will be meeting Apr 23-24 in Istanbul to review the local situation.

In an earlier declaration Rudiger Tretow, president of the German Swimming Federation (DSV) is considering withdrawing the German team from the LEN Championships. "This is the only alternative unless they are moved to a new location. If they are not relocated they will be poorly attended."

Sprinter Sandra Volker (GER) indicated that if the German team goes to Istanbul she will stay home.