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FINA WC Day 2 - Men's Water Polo Match 7 & 8

Jul 15, 2003

Match 7, Men 18:30, 14.07.03
Quarters: 3-3, 2-1, 1-1, 2-0

Referees: Peter Bookelman (NED), Daniel Legare (CAN)

RUSSIA: Nicolay Maksimov, Yury Iatsev, Alexander Fedorov, Nikolay Kozlov (1), Roman Balashov (1), Alexander Eryshov (1), Revaz Tchomakhidze (1), Dmitri Stratan (2), Dmitri Gorchkov, Marat Zakirov, Sergey Garbuzov (1), Irek Zinnourov, Andrey Reketchinski (1)
Coach: Alexander Kabanov

SLOVAKIA: Michal Gogola, Peter Nizny (1), Juraj Zatovic, Jozef Hrosik (1), Peter Veszelits (1), Robert Kaid, Karol Baco, Milan Cipov, Martin Mravik, Michal Gergely, Tomas Bruder (1), Gejza Gyurcsy (1), Michal Hruska
Coach: Ondrej Gajdac

Slovakia didn't want any piece of Russia being world No 1. It matched Russia for much of the game, locking horns at 1-1, 2-2 and 3-3 in the first quarter. It was 4-4 in the second before Russia slipped ahead through Andrey Reketchinski two seconds from the hooter on extra. Sergey Garbouzov had Russia at 6-4 with an outside shot but Gejza Gyurcsy responded midway through the period in what was the last score of the period. Roman Balashov converted on counter for 7-5 in Russia's favour and the game was slipping from Slovakia's grasp. Slovakia called a timeout but couldn't convert and Russia scored on the counter for 8-5 at 2:47. No matter how hard it tried, Slovakia could not breach the Russian wall.

Match 8, Men 19:45, 14.07.03
Quarters: 2-1, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1

Referees: Rik Rycaert (BEL), Zoran Tomic (CRO)

SPAIN: Jesus Rollan, Angel Luis Andreo, Sergi Pedrerol, Gustavo Marcos, Guillermo Molina (3), Xavier Garcia, Gabriel Hernandez (2), Ivan Moro (2), Daniel Ballart (1), Salvador Gomez (1), Ivan Perez, Javier Sanchez-Toril (1), Daniel Moro
Coach: Juan Jane

BRAZIL: Andre Cordeiro, Vincente Henriques, Leandro Machado (1), Erik Seegerer, Felipe Perrone, Roberto Seabra, Gabriel Reis, Fabio Cihdiquimo, Yansel Galindo, Andre Raposo (1), Rodrigo Santos, Alexandre Lopez, Daniel Mameri (1)
Coach: Carlos Carvalho

Spain began its defence of the world title with a stimulating victory over Brazil. The gutsy Brazil gave its all in the match and tested Spain for much of the first half and kept the locals honest for the rest of the game. Gabriel Hernandez, the hero of the Fukuoka final, continued where he left off, scoring both his team's goals in the 2-1 opening quarter. Guillermo Molina scored two more in the second as Spain stretched to 4-2 at halftime. Then Spain turned it on for the high-profile crowd with three excellent goals. Daniel Ballart and Salvador Gomez took identical shots at the top of the third and Javier Sanchez-Toril received a cross pass on 2m to score at the death of the period for a 7-2 lead. Molina scored a third from out top, Andre Raposo replied for Brazil and Ivan Moro drilled Spain's ninth and 10th goals, the second on extra at 0:58. Both teams had a timeout but no goals.