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FINA WC Day 3 - Women's Water Polo Match 9 & 10

Jul 15, 2003

Match 9, Women 09:30, 15.07.03
Quarters: 0-3, 0-4, 2-2, 0-0

Referees: Massimiliano Caputi (ITA), Jan Bohat (SVK)

BRAZIL: Claudia Graner, Mayla Siracusa, Flavia Fernandes, Mariana Roriz, Rubi Palmieri, Mariana Resstom, Maria Cecilia Marques, Tess Oliviera, Marina Canetti, Camila Pedrosa (1), Viviane Costa, Melina Teno, Andrea Henriques (1)
Coach: David Hart

CANADA: Whynter Lamarre, Rachel Kiddell, Marianne Illing (1), Susan Gardiner, Andrea Dewar (1), Marie-Luc Arpin (2), Cora Lee Campbell, Melissa Collins, Ann Dow (2), Jana Salat (1), Valerie Dionne (1), Christienne Bardecki, Johanne Begin (1)
Coach: Pat Oaten

This was definitely a game of two halves, the first where Canada was dominant and the second where Brazil struck back and levelled the two quarters. It was all one-way traffic in the first two quarters with six different scorers for Canada before Ann Dow sent in one of her trademark goals from outside on right-hand catch. Then Brazil was stung into action, taking a timeout in the third and converting the goal one second outside extra to Andrea Henriques. Mari-Luc Arpin responded for Canada and then Brazil scored again through a determined centre forward Camila Pedrosa, who shot, had the shot blocked and then snapped in the rebound. Jana Salat scored from outside with less than a second on the clock for 9-2 at three-quarter time. Both teams took a timeout in the last quarter but could not score and Brazil had a penalty shot stopped by Canadian goalkeeper Whynter Lamarre.

Match 10, Women 10:45, 15.07.03
Quarters: 0-2, 1-5, 0-4, 1-5

Referees: Joaquin Fernandez Escola (ESP), Patrick Clemencon (FRA).

GREAT BRITAIN: Ruth Hawney, Kate Lewis (1), Bernice Cowton, Tara Smith, Helen Dacre, Frances Leighton (1), Angela Winstanley, Hannah Wild, Carol Mohan, Karin Hales, Laura Evans, Larissa Davies, Siobhan Winter
Coach: Nick Hume

AUSTRALIA: Jemma Brownlow, Rebecca Rippon (1), Nikita Cuffe, Naomi Castle (1), Bronwyn Smith (2), Emma Knox, Jodie Stuhmcke (4), Kate Gynther (2), Elise Norwood (2), Taryn Woods (1), Melissa Rippon (1), Joanne Fox (1), Melissa Byram (1)
Coach: Istvan Gorgenyi

Australia proved too classy for minnow Great Britain. The Olympic champion was shooting for a high goal difference but the British women were intent on denying them too many goals. It was a slow start at 2-0 for Australia but the second quarter of 5-1 proved the making of the game. GB