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FINA WC Day 4 - Men's Water Polo Match 13 & 14

Jul 16, 2003

Match 13, Men 16:00, 16.07.03
Quarters: 1-3, 2-2, 3-4, 2-2

Referees: Zoran Tomic (CRO), Jean-Paul Clemencon (FRA)

GERMANY: Alexander Tchigir, Steffen Dierolf (2), Fabian Schroedter, Patrick Weissinger, Michael Zellmer, Marc Politze (1), Tim Wollthan, Thomas Schertwitis, Tobias Kreuzmann (3), Heiko Nossek (1), Timo Purschke, Soeren Mackeben, Jens Pohlmann (1)
Coach: Hagen Stamm

ITALY: Marco Gerini, Francesco Postiglione (2), Andrew Mangiante, Fabrizo Buonocore, Stefano Tempesti, Roberto Calcaterra, Goran Fiorentini (2), Alberto Angelini (2), Maurizio Felugo (2), Alessandro Calcaterra (1), Bogdan Rath, Carlo Silipo, Fabio Bencivenga (2)
Coach: Paolo de Crescenzo

Italy held out Germany for a second win in the group. Goran Fiorentini scored twice in the opening quarter but Steffen Dierolf had Germany 3-2 down after the restart. Veteran Francesco Postiglione, one of four 31-year-olds in the team, scored on extra and from the top to push Italy 5-2 ahead but Dierolf clawed one back before halftime. Tobias Kreuzmann scored on extra at the start of the second half but Fabio Bencivenga scored twice and Alessandro Campagna once for a four-goal margin. This became 9-6 at the hooter with Kreuzmann collecting a third. Germany wasn't beaten and matched Italy in all sectors of the pool in the final seven minutes. Maurizio Felugo scored both Italy's goals in that period. Both teams sent in some beautiful goals, including Dierolf's first, which was an awkward sweep on of an outside pass directly in front of him.

Match 14, Men 17:15, 16.07.03
Quarters: 0-7, 2-3, 0-3, 0-4,

Referees: Aaron Chaney (USA), Kazuhito Wakabayashi (JPN)

CHINA: Weiging Ge, Guanghao Xu, Zahn Wang, Lijun Yu (1), Qiuliang Liao, Baochang Huang, Wenhau Li, Yong Wang, Jinwen Zhao, Zhidong Han (1), Jun Li, Qi Xu, Yaqi Wang, Qu Xu, Yaqi Wang
Coach: Mingguang Li

GREECE: Georgios Reppas, Anastasios Schizas (1), Dimitrios Mazis (1), Konstantinos Loudis, Theodoros Chatzitheodorou (1), Argyrios Theodoropoulos (2), Christos Afroudakis (3), Theodoros Kalakonas (2), Georgios Afroudakis, Petre Stefanos Santa (1), Antonios Vlontakis (3), Nikolaos Deligiannis, Ioannis Thomakos (3)
Coach: Alessandro Campagna

Greece started like a road train out of control, ramming home seven goals for none against in the first period. Antonios Vlontakis was the only double scorer. Lijun Yu opened the scoring in the second quarter and Zhidong Han closed it for China, 10-2 down. It was a fine effort by the Chinese to stop the counter game of the Greeks. Han scored his from 12m on quarter time. Christos Afroudakis scored his third with a lob as Greece added three to the total. Vlontakis made his third while Theodoros Kalakonas and Argyrios Theodoropoulos gained a second. The score could have been larger but for the heroics of Weiqing Ge in goal. Greece assures itself a berth for the next round while China must hope for a better showing against Germany in the next match.