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FINA WC Day 6 - Men's Water Polo Match 19 & 20

Jul 18, 2003

Match 19, Men 12:00, 18.07.03
Quarters: 2-3, 1-2, 3-4, 1-4

Referees: Torsten Bock (GER), Erhan Tulga (TUR)

AUSTRALIA: James Stanton, Ryan Moody (1), Trent Franklin (2), Pietro Figlioli, Dean Semmens (1), Toby Jenkins, Timothy Neesham, Samuel McGregor, Thomas Whalan (1), Gavin Woods (1), Aleksandr Osadchuk (1), Nathan Thomas, Rafael Sterk
Coach: Erkin Shagaev

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Brandon Brooks, Wolf Wigo (1), Omar Amr (2), Jeff Powers (1), Adam Wright (1), Chris Segesman (2), Layne Beaubien (1), Tony Azevedo (2), Dan Klatt, Brett Ormsby (1), Jesse Smith, Genai Kerr, Ryan Bailey (2)
Coach: Ratko Rudic

The United States came to win the group and that it did in fine fashion. From the start, the USA looked the classier team, despite Australia performing well in the first half. The USA led the first quarter 3-2 and, after three minutes where the game was locked at 3-3, Wolf Wigo and Jeff Powers put the USA ahead 5-3 at halftime. This was pushed out to 8-3 inside the first two minutes of the third period and, after Tony Azevedo scored at centre forward, Australia's Thomas Whalan and Wigo clashed and were both ejected from the game. This inspired Trent Franklin and Ryan Moody to score on extra but Ryan Bailey (USA) and Gavin Woods (AUS) traded goals for 9-6 at the break. It was all the USA from there on in with Australia gaining a consolation goal near the end.

Match 20, Men 13:15, 18.07.03
Quarters: 5-2, 5-1, 3-2, 2-2

Referees: Brian Littlejohn (GBR), Raul Amaya (BRA)

SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: Nikola Kuljaca, Slobodan Nikic (1), Boris Zlokovic (2), Vanja Udovicic, Dejan Savic (3), Danilo Ikodinovic (1), Viktor Jelenic (3), Vladimir Gojkovic, Aleksandar Ciric, Aleksandar Sapic (3), Vladimir Vujasinovic (1), Predrag Jokic (1), Denis Sefik
Coach: Nenad Manojlovic

JAPAN: Masahiro Mizutani, Daisuke Nakagawa, Satoshi Nagata, Koji Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Matsubara, Hiroshi Hoshiai (1), Kan Aoyagi (1), Atsushi Naganuna, Taichi Sato (1), Kenichi Sato (1), Masakazu Yamamoto (1), Yoshinori Shiota, Koji Tanaka (2)
Coach: Yoji Omoto

Here was a match that wasn't meant to be close. The final score reads well for the European champion but the spirit shown by Japan was fantastic. Japan used its speed to good effect but also scored traditional goals against the bigger opponent. Japan gained in confidence as the game progressed. Two goals in the first quarter, trailing 5-2, and a third in the second were backed up by two more in the third and a fifth in the fourth. Even Serbian Aleksandar Sapic, who would be expected to get free rein against Japan, only managed a modest three goals. Koji Tanaka scored twice, including the final goal just four seconds from time, on extra after a timeout. Dejan Savic and Vikto Jelenic also scored three goals each.