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FINA WC Day 7 - Women's Water Polo Match 25 & 26

Jul 19, 2003

Match 25, Women 09:30, 19.07.03
Quarters: 1-0, 1-2, 2-2, 1-2

Referees: Rik Rycaert (BEL), Wang Yaqi (CHN)

GREAT BRITAIN: Ruth Hawney, Kate Lewis (1), Bernice Cowton, Tara Smith, Helen Dacre, Frances Leighton (1), Angela Winstanley, Hannah Wild, Carol Mohan (1), Karin Hales, Laura Evans, Larissa Davies, Siobhan Winter (2)
Coach: Nick Hume

VENEZUELA: Xomar Vilar, Andreina Diaz (1), Selene Rego, Stephany Rivero (1), Yessenia Bastardo, Thais Suarez, Rocio Galue (1), Almedia Aldana (2), Carol Caliz, Fabiola Godoy, Yesvia Alvarado (1), Gregory Aguilar, Serginel Maza
Coach: Carlos Fernandez

Venezuela took a big leap forward with its first win of the tournament, over Great Britain, ensuring it will play off for 13th place in two days? time. Frances Leighton opened the scoring for Great Britain with an excellent turen at centre forward for the only score of the period. Almedia Aldana scored twice from the top for Venezuela, including one from 10m to go 2-1 up. Siobhan Winter replied at 1:56 from right-hand catch. The third period couldn?t separate the teams with both scoring twice, Yesvia Alvarado scoring from in front three seconds from time. Rocio Galue scored on right-hand catch for 5-4 to Venezuela but Kate Lewis replied from eight metres at 4:17. Stephany Rivero scored from the top at 3:01 and despite several extra-man chances, Great Britain couldn?t bridge the gap.

Match 26, Women 10:45, 19.07.03
Quarters: 1-3, 0-2, 2-3, 1-1

Referees: Jan Bohat (SVK), Zoran Tomic (CRO)

FRANCE: Caroline Ruder, Cecile Busteau, Jenny Ritz (1), Vanessa Hernandez, Louise Guillet, Gaelle De Rycke, Aurelia Picot, Myriam Argaud (1), Virginie Mozdzierz, Laure Gauthreau (2), Perrine Metay, Alice Goulut, Isabelle Fack
Coach: Jean-Luc Doucereux

KAZAKHSTAN: Galina Rytova, Irina Tolkunova, Tatyana Gubina, Anna Zubkova, Svetlana Koroleva (2), Natalya Galkina, Alexandra Zarkova, Natalya Krassilinikova, Assel Jakayeva (2), Marina Gritsenko (3), Alyona Klimenko, Natalya Ignatyeva (1), Natalya Kutuzova (1)
Coach: Andrey Sazykin

Kazakhstan did what it had to get to the 13th-14th play-off by winning this game. France put up more resistance than in previous games, showing the value of top-class internationals. Kazakhstan led 3-1 at the quarter with the first coming in 19 seconds from a penalty. This became 5-1 at halftime with Kazakhstan looking to pull away. However, Jenny Ritz pulled one back fro France. Svetlana Koroleva scored her second as Kazakhstan went to 7-2. Myriam Argaud threw a hopeful long shot at the end of possession and was surprised as the ball lobbed over Galina Rytova?s head. Marina Gritsenko scored her second off a cross pass to finish the period 8-3 up. Laure Gauthreau scored her second, a penalty goal, early in the fourth and then the game slowed as both teams defended solidly. Gritsenko scored her third on penalty 14 seconds from time for 9-4.