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FINA WC Day 10 - Men's Water Polo Match 31 & 32

Jul 22, 2003

Match 31, Men 09:30, 22.07.03
Play-off for 15th & 16th
Quarters: 2-0, 1-3, 3-4, 2-1

Referees: Wim Keman (AHO), Ildegar Beiza (VEN)

JAPAN: Masahiro Mizutani, Daisuke Nakagawa, Satoshi Nagata, Koji Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Matsubara, Hiroshi Hoshiai, Kan Aoyagi (2), Atsushi Naganuna, Taichi Sato, Kenichi Sato, Masakazu Yamamoto (2), Yoshinori Shiota (1), Koji Tanaka (5)
Coach: Yoji Omoto

CHINA: Weiging Ge, Guanghao Xu, Zahn Wang, Lijun Yu (1), Qiuliang Liao (1), Baochang Huang (1), Wenhau Li (1), Yong Wang (2), Jinwen Zhao, Zhidong Han (2), Jun Li (1)
Coach: Mingguang Li

The Japanese Samurais fended off their Asian neighbour, China, in extra time in the clash for 15th place. The game was tied in spectacular fashion, 1.8 seconds from time by five-goal hero Koji Tanaka. Both teams scored in the first period of extra but it came down to 1:20 of the second before Masakazu Yamamoto scored for the victory. Japan scored twice near the end of the first period but by halftime China had drawn level at 3-3. The third period had China ahead 7-6 with seven different scorers for the larger nation. At the start of the fourth, Tanaka struck for the fourth time for 7-7. China called a timeout and scored just after the end of the 20-second exclusion. Tanaka then produced his fifth goal from five shots, despite the Japanese not calling a timeout to allow more time in front of goal. The equalising goal had the large Japanese contingent electrified. Japan could have won more easily had it converted its more favourable extra-man count.

Match 32, Men 10:45, 22.07.03
Play-off for 13th & 14th
Quarters: 1-1, 1-1, 2-2, 1-2

Referees: Marc Levin (ISR), Kazuhito Wakabayashi (JPN)

CANADA: Garrett Head, Andrey Shevstov, Dusan Lazarevic, Kevin Mitchell (2), Aaron Feltham, Adam Defett, David Allan, Vladimir Cosic (1), Thomas Marks (1), Noah Miller (1), Iain Lark, Nathaniel Miller, Michael Gordon
Coach: John Csikos

BRAZIL: Andre Cordeiro, Vicente Henriques (1), Leandro Machado, Erik Seegerer (1), Felipe Perrone (1), Roberto Seabra (1), Gabriel Reis (1), Fabio Cihdiquimo, Yansel Galindo (1), Andre Raposo, Rodrigo Santos, Alexandre Lopez, Daniel Mameri
Coach: Carlos Carvalho

Brazil won a tight match in the battle of the Americas, coming from 4-3 down to win 6-5. Gabriel Reis (BRA) and Noah Miller (CAN) scored in the first quarter. Vladimir Cosic scored from the penalty line to open the second but Vicente Henriques scored on extra in the next attack, firing in from the top. Brazil had a timeout later in the period but no further goals came. Young scoring sensation Felipe Perrone scored his ninth goal of the tournament on extra from the top, to his obvious excitement. Canada then scored two extra-man goals to go ahead 4-3, the last with 13 seconds left. Brazil levelled through Yansel Galindo from centre forward with just 1.2 seconds left. Erik Seegerer on extra and Roberto Seabra on deep right-hand catch took the game to 6-4. Canada