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FINA WC Day 12 - Men's Water Polo Match 41 & 42

Jul 24, 2003

Match 41, Men 12:00, 24.07.03
Classification for 5th to 8th
Quarters: 1-4, 0-4, 1-2, 3-1

Referees: Zoran Tomic (CRO), Massimiliano Caputi (ITA)

SLOVAKIA: Michal Gogola, Peter Nizny, Juraj Zatovic, Jozef Hrosik (1), Peter Veszelits, Robert Kaid (1), Karol Baco, Milan Cipov, Martin Mravik, Michal Gergely, Tomas Bruder (2), Gejza Gyurcsy (1), Michal Hruska
Coach: Ondrej Gajdac

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Brandon Brooks, Wolf Wigo (1), Omar Amr, Jeff Powers (2, Adam Wright (2), Chris Segesman, Layne Beaubien, Tony Azevedo (2), Dan Klatt, Brett Ormsby, Jesse Smith (2), Genai Kerr, Ryan Bailey (2)
Coach: Ratko Rudic

The United States made short work of Slovakia with a well-drilled demonstration of high-class combinations. Slovakia wasn't allowed to play its normal game. USA went to 3-0 with Jeff Powers scoring twice. Gejza Gyurcsy replied from deep but Ryan Bailey made it 4-1 by quarter time. A 4-0 second period with two scored on extra said it all. Robert Kaid pulled one back for Slovakia at the start of the third but Jesse Smith and Tony Azevedo (10 for the championship) converted their second goals for 10-2. In the fourth, Thomas Bruder and Josef Hrosik doubled Slovakia's score with Hrosik sending his shot directly about the goalkeeper's head on extra. USA skipper Wolf Wigo converted extra and Bruder grabbed another for 11-5 from deep right-hand catch.

Match 42, Men 13:15, 24.07.03
Classification for 5th to 8th
Quarters: 2-2, 2-2, 0-4, 4-2

Referees: Georgios Stavridis (GRE), Mario Brguljan (YUG)

AUSTRALIA: James Stanton, Ryan Moody (1), Trent Franklin, Pietro Figlioli (1), Dean Semmens, Toby Jenkins, Timothy Neesham (2), Samuel McGregor (1), Thomas Whalan, Gavin Woods, Aleksandr Osadchuk (2), Nathan Thomas (1), Rafael Sterk
Coach: Erkin Shagaev

SPAIN: Angel Luis Andreo, Jesus Rollan, Sergi Pedrerol, Gustavo Marcos, Guillermo Molina (1), Xavier Garcia, Gabriel Hernandez (1), Ivan Moro (1), Daniel Ballart (1), Salvador Gomez (2), Ivan Perez (1), Javier Sanchez-Toril (1), Daniel Moro
Coach: Juan Jane

Spain may be bowing out of the championship but it's not going without a fight. Despite levelling the first two quarters, Spain turned it on for the parochial crowd with four unanswered goals in the third period and then had to sustain a shark attack in the final period. Three of the goals came from Javier Sanchez-Toril off the same post on extra. Spain scored twice to start the game but Australia scored two in the last two minutes. Guillermo Molina took Spain ahead on extra and then Australia unleashed a big shot from the top by Alexandr Osadchuk and one on extra from Pietro Figlioli, also from the top. Sanchez-Toril scored his second extra for 4-4 before halftime. Then Ivan Perez with a slow-motion centre-forward backhand goal, Daniel Ballart with a double-movement shot (he lost it in mid-air and then tapped it in a lobbing motion over the Aussie goalkeeper's head), Sanchez-Toril on extra and Salvador Gomez from two metres, sent Spain 8-4 at the break. Sam McGregor responded on extra for Australia on the first attack of the fourth. Ivan Moro sent one in from nine metres at the top and Tim Neesham replied on extra at 5:26 for 9-6 down. Ryan Moody (AUS) and Ivan Moro (ESP) were excluded for an altercation from the game soon after a penalty was awarded to Australia, which Osadchuk converted for 9-7. An Australian timeout at 2:51 produced two blocked shots. Neesham scored on counter for the Aussies Sharks after swimming the length of the pool to make the score 9-8 at 0:14. Australian coach Erkin Shagaev called a tactical, illegal timeout when Spain was in possession but Gabriel Hernandez converted to extinguish Australia's chances.