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FINA WC Day 13 - Women's Water Polo Match 45 & 46

Jul 25, 2003

Match 45, Women 12:00, 25.07.03
7th & 8th placings
Quarters: 1-1, 0-2, 1-3, 1-1

Referees: Vladimir Prikhodko (KAZ), Raul Alberto Amaya (BRA)

AUSTRALIA: Emma Knox, Rebecca Rippon, Nikita Cuffe (1), Naomi Castle (2), Bronwyn Smith, Jemma Brownlow, Jodie Stuhmcke (1), Kate Gynther (1), Elise Norwood, Taryn Woods (1), Melissa Rippon, Joanne Fox, Melissa Byram (1)
Coach: Istvan Gorgenyi.

SPAIN: Cristina Ungo de Velasco, Mireia Ventura, Sara Dominguez, Mariona Ribera, Merce Valles (1), Belen Sanchez, Cristina Lopez, Anna Pardo, Anna Ramirez (1), Elisabeth Fuentes, Blanca Gil (1), Jennifer Pareja, Patricia Del Soto
Coach: Gaspar Ventura.

Olympic champion Australia was too good on counter for Spain, finishing seventh. Naomi Castle opened with a centre forward lob on extra for Australia and three minutes later Merce Valles did the identical shot for Spain. Australia won the second quarter with goals to Nikita Cuffe on extra and Melissa Byram on left-hand catch for 3-1 at halftime. Both goalkeepers absorbed a lot of shots. Kate Gynther made it 4-1 on counter, scoring the fifth lob shot of the game. Anna Ramirez broke the mould with an excellent, heavily marked, centre forward goal. Taryn Woods replied on the next attack from nine metres, with a lob. Spain took a timeout to no effect and with half a minute left, Australia had another counter with Jodie Stuhmcke lobbing Spanish goalkeeper Cristina Ungo de Velasco for 6-2 at the break. Australia took two timeouts with the second earning a goal to Castle. Blanca Gil scored on extra for Spain with just 0:00.3 left on the clock.

Match 46, Women 13:30, 25.07.03
5th & 6th placings
Quarters: 2-2, 1-3, 2-3, 2-0

Referees: Brian Littlejohn (GBR), Rik Rycaert (BEL)

NETHERLANDS: Meike De Nooy, Marleen Ars, Tjarda Rodenhuis, Carla Quint, Simone Koot, Rianne Guichelaar, Karin Kuipers (4), Hanneke Kappen, Gillian van den Berg (2), Jorieke Oostendorp, Mieke van der Sloot, Heleen Peerenboom, Danielle de Bruin (1)
Coach: Peter Paul Metz.

HUNGARY: Ildiko Zirighne Sos, Zsuzsanna Tiba, Anett Gyore, Dora Kisteleki (2), Mercedes Stieber, Kata Redei, Rita Dravucz (2), Erzebet Valkay, Krisztina Szremko (1), Aniko Pelle, Agnes Valkay (1), Agnes Primasz (2), Patricia Horvath
Coach: Tamas Farago.

Hungary finished fifth with a hard-fought victory over the Netherlands. Rita Dravucz opened for Hungary but Gillian van den Berg and Karin Kuipers had the Dutch 2-1 up at the quarter. Three straight goals to the Hungarians, including two from Dora Kisteleki and another from Dravucz, stunned the Dutch. Van den Berg rammed one in on counter down the right to round out the half. Agnes Primasz on extra and Kristina Szremko at centre forward, took the score to 7-3. Kuipers struck back with two in a minute but Primasz scored her 16th of the championship with an arrow shot from 10m. In the fourth quarter, Kuipers scored her fourth from a penalty (11 for the championship) and Danielle de Bruin (11) netted from eight metres at 3:16. A Dutch timeout at 2:08 in the fourth quarter failed to bring a goal as did two subsequent Hungarian breaks.