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Swim Ireland Reverses Decision

Oct 14, 1999

Swim Ireland has said that it will allow Michelle Smith-de Bruin's swimming records remain on the books in Ireland.

Earlier this year the new swimming body had stated that in light of the FINA suspension of Smith-de Bruin for tampering with a urine sample, all of her previous Irish records would be removed from the books.

Swim Ireland had instituted a rule which stated that they would revoke any Irish records set by a swimmer who is banned or suspended by FINA. They were also applying this to previously ratified records. This means any past records the swimmer would have set prior to the suspension offence.

Peter Lennon, Smith de-Bruin's lawyer had threatened Swim Ireland with litigation and in order to avoid this expensive process, Swim Ireland chose to reverse its previous statements and will now allow the records to stand.