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Check Out The London 2012 Race Schedule

Feb 15, 2011  - Craig Lord

Roll up, roll up: the London 2012 Olympic schedule is out. We publish it today at the very moment when the embargo tells us we can - a minute past midnight on February 15, London time. Tickets for swimming heats that start at 10am will set you back between £20 and £150, while tickets for finals and semis that start at 7.30pm, are on sale at between £50 and £450 each.

The official schedule released today held that all men's events precede women's events. That will not be the case, and SwimNews has now recast the list in the order in which races will unfold.

Below is the daily swim schedule and some of the potential highlights of the programme (lots of room for movement yet...), including the timing of these possible mega-schedules:

Michael Phelps (USA) - eight-final programme still possible without the 400m medley; all but day 1 delivering the chance of a final, day 4 a semi and two finals

  • Day 1: On on the first day the aquatic god rested... what, nothing? is that possible?
  • Day 2: 200 free semi; 4x100m free final
  • Day 3: 200m free final; 200m 'fly semi
  • Day 4: 200 'fly final; 100 free semi; 4x200m free final
  • Day 5: 100m free final; 200 medley semi
  • Day 6: 200m medley final; 100 'fly semi
  • Day 7: 100 'fly final
  • Day 8: 4x100m medley final

We will not know Phelps's intentions, of course, until Olympic trials in 2012...

Ryan Lochte (USA) - day 6 is the toughest, two finals in one session, the second one the 200m medley in which he may have to face a fresh Michael Phelps

  • Day 1: 400m medley final
  • Day 2: 200 free semi (4x100 free final)
  • Day 3: 200m free final
  • Day 4: 4x200m free final
  • Day 5: 200 medley semi; 200m back semi
  • Day 6: 200m back final; 200m medley final
  • Day 7: nothing ...
  • Day 8: (4x100m medley final)

As with Phelps, the obvious may not be the deal come the day of Lochte's decision on his Olympic programme

Federica Pellegrini (ITA): a tough call if she follows through on that 100m to 800m ambition to honour a promise.

  • Day 1: 4x100 free relay?
  • Day 2: 400m free final
  • Day 3: 200m free semi
  • Day 4: 200m free final
  • Day 5: 100m free semi; 4x200m free final
  • Day 6: 800m free heats; 100m free final
  • Day 7: 800m free final
  • Day 8: Medley relay?

With her big two events out of the way by half-way, the 100m and 800m may be seen as a bonus brace to add to a success story or a chance to make up for what might have been with nothing left to lose.

Mireia Belmonte (ESP): how things would pan out if she repeated her triple gold and a silver medal programme from world s/c titles in December 2010

  • Day 1: 400m medley final
  • Day 2: nothing
  • Day 3: 200m medley semi
  • Day 4: 200m butterfly semi; 200m medley final
  • Day 5: 200m butterfly final
  • Day 6: 800m free heats
  • Day 7: 800m free final

Tough - but well spread if it is going to happen.

The London 2012 Olympic swim schedule:

London Aquatics Centre:

July 28

  • Men 400m Individual Medley final
  • A first gold for Lochte or for Cseh, or will someone deny both men, like Tyler Clary, for example?
  • Women 100m Butterfly semi-finals
  • How many can get inside 57sec after a 2009 world shiny suit final in which all eight did?
  • Men 400m Freestyle final
  • Biedermann Vs Agnel Vs Park Vs Sun Yang and who else?
  • Women 400m Individual Medley final
  • Can Steph Rice back up four years on; where will the Chinese teens have got to by then; Can Hungarian women do what their men have done before; where will Belmonte be; and how loud will the crowd roar should Miley have reason to be smiley? 
  • Men 100m Breaststroke semi-finals 
  • Can Kosuke Kitajima (JPN) set up a victory that would make him the first man to join the triple-crown club formed by Dawn Fraser in 1964?
  • Women 4x100m Freestyle Relay final
  • Can the Dutch divas hold the US, China and Australia at bay?

July 29

  • Women 100m Backstroke semi-finals
  • Can Coughlin set up membership of the triple crown and attempt to become the third woman ever to win the same crown at three successive Games?
  • Men 200m Freestyle semi-finals
  • Who will take the middle lanes and will Phelps, Thorpe, Biedermann, Agnel, Park, Izotov, Lochte be in the hunt for gold?
  • Women 100m Butterfly final
  • Can Sjoestrom become the first Swedish woman to win the Olympic crown and who will step up in home colours for a nation that boasts Halsall, Lowe and Gandy?
  • Men 100m Breaststroke: final
  • All eyes on Kitajima - and the men who might stop him joining the triple-crown club?
  • Women 100m Breaststroke: semi-finals
  • How far will Lethal Leisel get in the defence of her crown 12 years after first gracing the Olympic podium at home in Sydney?
  • Men 100m Backstroke semi-finals 
  • Whatever happens, the reigning champion will not defend, Aaron Peirsol having announced his retirement last week.
  • Women 400m Freestyle final
  • If Rebecca Adlington steps up to defend, the roar will surely raise the roof at architect Zaha Hadid's aquatic monument; and will there be a more worthy show of force from Federica Pellegrini and Laure Manaudou (2004 champ) four years after they finished 5th and 8th?
  • Men 4x100m Freestyle Relay final
  • Will Gaul's ghost be exorcised or will the US retain the edge - and who could stop them both (and who among Thorpe, Klim and Callus can make it back to the final they won 12 years before?)

July 30

  • Women 200m Freestyle semi-finals
  • Will it be all eyes on Italy's prime aquatic assett, Pellegrini, as she seeks to defend her crown off work endured under the guidance of Manaudou's former mentor Philippe Lucas (how long will that last)? 
  • Men 200m Freestyle final
  • The 200m 'fly warm-up ahead of him, will Michael Phelps try to get his hand to the wall first four years on and three years beyond the Rome 2009 controversy with Paul Biedermann that served to put a firm sell-by date on shiny suits? Will Ian Thorpe make it back to the final that may then be dubbed "Race of the Century II"?
  • Women 100m Backstroke final
  • Coughlin's big moment again? Or Coventry's at last? Or can Brit's Gemma Spofforth and Elizabeth Simmonds send the crowd into a frenzy?
  • Men 100m Backstroke final
  • By then, who will have got down to where Camille Lacourt (FRA) got in 2010) - and where will the Frenchman be?
  • Women 100m Breaststroke final
  • Lethal Leisel Vs Rebel Rebecca? Will anyone else be ready to match their speed?
  • Men 200m Butterfly semi-finals
  • This may provides the second chance for a man to join Fraser and Egerszegi in the club of triple crown winners, Michael Phelps having won in 2004 and 2008
  • Women 200m Individual Medley semi-finals
  • Will it be Rice, Seebohm or Coutts who flies the Dolphin banner; will Coventry try again; and how close can anyone get to the 2:06.15 world-record pace of Ariana Kukors from a time of non-textile?

July 31

  • Men 100m Freestyle semi-finals
  • Will Bernard have got past a mighty domestic battle on his way to defending the crown for Gaul? 
  • Women 200m Freestyle final
  • Pellegrini Vs Muffat Vs who from China Vs Manaudou Vs any number of women who can look back at history and find one of the most unpredictable of events when it comes to guessing gold on the biggest occasion of all?
  • Men 200m Butterfly final
  • One of the potential highlights of the week: the signature event for Michael Phelps, greatest Olympian of all time - depending on Kitajima on day 2 - could this be the moment a man joins Fraser and Egerszegi in the club of triple crown winners?
  • Women 200m Butterfly semi-finals
  • How much metal will Chinese women have collected by the time the world may see Liu Zige set up a defense?
  • Men 200m Breaststroke semi-finals
  • Kitajima's second chance to join the triple-crown club - if he has by then managed to keep formidable domestic opposition at bay along the way 
  • Women 200m Individual Medley final
  • Will Rice be there to defend after having beat off domestic opposition - capable of winning big crowns - just to make the team? Will Belmonte be in the mix for medals once more?
  • Men 4x200m Freestyle Relay final
  • The US and Russia lead the way right now but how close can a Thorpe-revived squad get - and will China take another stunning step and make its first Olympic podium?

Aug 1

  • Men 200m Breaststroke final
  • Kitajima once more? Will he even be there? And can Gyurta rise to the occasion for Hungary eight years after silver as a teenager in Athens?
  • Women 100m Freestyle: semi-finals
  • Will Steffen and Trickett live to fight again for gold?
  • Men 200m Backstroke semi-finals
  • Two days before his 28th birthday, will Lochte arrive at this point of setting up a title defense as a man with several visits to the podium already under his belt?
  • Women 200m Butterfly
  • Can Liu Zige become the first Chinese swimmer ever to retain an Olympic crown? Will Europe's winners of 2010, Hosszu and Belmonte, challenge for a place on the podium?
  • Men 100m Freestyle final
  • Can Bernard blast them all away once more? Will Cielo be in seventh heaven four years after bronze for Brazil? Will Phelps have followed an ambition stated in 2008 to give the 100m a crack of his cruellest whip? Will the Thorpedo have served to fire Aussie sprint speed? 
  • Women 200m Breaststroke: semi-finals
  • Can anyone get close if Soni is ready to set up the defense of her crown?
  • Men 200m Individual Medley semi-finals
  • Will Lochte arrive at this point of setting up a second title fight in one session as a man with several visits to the podium already under his belt?
  • Women 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay final
  • China, USA, Australia - and can the hosts match their potential with the noise of the crowd fit to beat a path to the podium for them?

Aug 2

  • Men 50m Freestyle semi-finals
  • What might will Cesar muster the day before defense?
  • Women 200m Breaststroke: final
  • Who can get inside 2:20 with Soni?
  • Men 200m Backstroke final
  • Will Lochte celebrate his 28th birthday a day early?
  • Women 200m Backstroke semi-finals
  • Can Coventry do an Egerszegi and make it three in a row; will Zhao or Simmonds be among those capable of halting African ambition?
  • Men 200m Individual Medley: final
  • Can Lochte make it two titles within the hour; where will Cseh be; and will Michael Phelps warm-up by qualifying for the 100m 'fly final and then scream "get your hands off my Mr Versatility title"?
  • Women 100m Freestyle final
  • Steffen, Trickett, Veldhuis and who else with Olympic podium form - but what damage can the likes of Kromowidjojo and Halsall do as they wave a banner marked "our time has come"?
  • Men 100m Butterfly semi-finals
  • Phelps and Cavic in the middle lanes once more?

Aug 3

  • Women 200m Backstroke: final
  • Will Kirsty send them all to Coventry once more?
  • Men 100m Butterfly final
  • Phelps Vs Cavic in that 0.01sec-split thriller of a rematch? 
  • Women 800m Freestyle: final
  • Hold on to your seats if the time is right for Adlington; can Pellegrini honour a promise to Castagnetti and stretch herself from 100m to 800m; can Ziegler have a better day in 2012? Will Belmonte conclude a week to remember?
  • Men 50m Freestyle final
  • Will Cesar hold on to his sprint empire and will the 2009 clock come under pressure? 
  • Women 50m Freestyle: semi-finals
  • Will Steffen set up a defense?

Aug 4

  • Women 50m Freestyle final
  • Can Torres make the grade at 44; how many mums will be in the final; and how many teens like Kukla might take on rivals old enough to be their mums?
  • Men 1500m Freestyle: final
  • Will Sun Yang be China's first male Olympic champion; can Ousamma Mellouli stop him in defense of his crown: and can Ryan Cochrane make it back to the podium four years on?
  • Women 4x100m Medley Relay final
  • Australia, China and the USA - and can Britain bring down the house in the women's curtain closer?
  • Men 4x100m Medley Relay final
  • The last Olympic Hurrah for Michael Phelps as he rockets to a place no Olympian might get to for the next 100 years? What a way to end a swim programme and, perhaps, the greatest swimming career the world has ever seen.

10km Marathon

(The Serpentine, Hyde Park - noon start on both days)

Aug 9 - Women

Not to be missed as the crowd throngs to the park to see if the Union Flag might fly up the pole; can Keri-Anne Payne and Cassie Patten make the grade four years on from a Beijing blast and a podium shared? And will Larisa Ilchenko be there to defend the title and Russian honour?

Aug 10 - Men

The crown will pass, Maarten van der Weijden having retired (no sign of a comeback just yet...), but David Davies and Thomas Lurz intend to be in the mix for Britain and Germany, Davies, having won bronze in 2004 (1500m) and silver in 2008 (10km) looking for a golden finale.