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Sep 15, 1999

1999-2000 WORLD CUP

Prize money will be awarded to the highest scorer in each event (max 6 events to score) rather then former method of scoring two of three backstrokes etc.

Prize money will be as follows:
1st place US $ 4,000 x 34 events = 136,000
2nd place US $ 2,000 x 34 events = 68,000
3rd place US $ 1,000 x 34 events = 34,000
For an overall total of US $ 238,000

A maximum of US $ 40,000 for world record bonus. Each record is worth US $ 4,000.

Two venue changes for the 12 competition series. Jan 4 - 5 will be in Shanghai rather than Beijing Feb 5 - 6 will be in Berlin rather than Gelsenkirchen


FINA will consider whether or not the use of the "long johns" swimusits will be permitted at FINA events.


The Chinese Swimming Association has informed FINA that they have imposed the following sanctions as part of their Doping Control program.

Male swimmer Tian Bin (Tianjin) was supended from all competitions for four years until May 12, 2002. His coaches, Li Jiazong and Guo Ruishan were suspended for one year each.

Female swimmers Zhang Yi, Cai Huijue, Wang Luna, and Wang Wei all from Shanghai, were suspended for two years until Nov 9, 2000.

Female swimmers Chen Yan, Nian Yun, Sun Xixi from Jiangsu were suspended for four years until Nov 9, 2002 and their coach Mi Ju for two years.