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Unity Within South African Swimming

Sep 10, 1999

In a joint statement issued by Mr. Dave Norman, General Secretary for Swimming South Africa (SSA) and Jace Naidoo, National Secretary of the Amateur Swimming Association of South Africa ( ASASA )in Johannesburg today, it was announced that the two organizations would merge under the banner of Swimming South Africa.

After having failed to reach satisfactory agreement on unification within swimming during 1991, the two swimming organizations in SSA and ASASA have continued to work separately to promote sport within the country. SSA was accepted by the International Swimming Organization - FINA - in 1992 and has continued to develop sport at all levels, whilst ASASA has continued to operate successfully in the previously disadvantaged areas of the country.

Both organizations realizing that the situation needed to be rectified, agreed in September 1998, to a period of co-operation. This co-operation phase was successful and both SSA and ASASA have decided to merge into one organization. This decision has brought to an end a lengthy period of disunity within swimming in this country and the way forward will provide equal opportunities fodevelopmentnt at all levels and within all sectors of the South African community.

The growth and development of clubs in disadvantaged areas, a restructuring of development programs and the transformation of a number of key areas will be a major focus of the organization. Delivery on the aspirations of the majority of the potential aquatic community will be the guiding vision for the SSA in the months ahead.