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Big Screen For Mutual Of Swimming

Jun 13, 2012

In readiness for the US Olympic trials, Mutual of Omaha’s 14-story headquarters building has become a 70,000-square-foot movie screen for a state-of-the-art 3D projection mapping show dedicated to the event and swimming.

A sponsor of USA Swimming since 2001, Mutual of Omaha commissioned the six-minute show to celebrate the company’s support of swimming and the community’s enthusiasm for the Olympic Team Trials.

"This spectacular show is the first of its kind promoting an Olympic sport and unlike anything seen before in this area," said Mutual Senior Vice-President John Hildenbiddle.  “We are proud of our association with USA Swimming and this is part of our effort to create a positive, memorable atmosphere for Olympic Team Trials athletes and fans."

The company said of its big screen show: "The 3D projection mapping show covers the 285-foot-high headquarters building with exciting and colorful images that celebrate the sport of swimming. The animation took more than 450 hours to create.

"The six-minute show lights up Mutual of Omaha’s headquarters from 9:30-11:30 p.m. daily through July 2. During that time, Omaha will host both the Olympic Team Swim Trials and the NCAA College World Series."

The company has posted these photos and a video.