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SwimNews.com - Craig Lord: Morozov Takes Debut World Crown
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Morozov Takes Debut World Crown

Dec 16, 2012  - Craig Lord

Istanbul, World Short-Course Championships, Day 5 finals:

Men's 100m freestyle

Vladimir Morozov (RUS) was out in 21.48 and back in 24.17 for a 45.65 victory over Tommaso D'Orsogna (AUS), on 46.80, 0.01sec ahead of Evgeny Lagunov (RUS), Luca Dotto (ITA) locked out of the medals by 0.03sec. Morozov had set a world textile mark of 45.52 - a championship record - leading Russia in the 4x100m relay on day 1 of the meet.

Morozov said: "Before the race, I thought I had to break the world record to win a gold medal here. That was not really possible for me today. I already broke my personal best time, and it is already improved by 1.7 seconds since last year. I tried to begin very fast, but I think it was a bit too fast, so I was not able to speed up in the last metres." 

Dubai 2011 compared:

  • Cielo         21.45 45.74 CR
  • Gilot          21.78 45.97 
  • Lobintsev  22.16 46.35

History in the making:

Most world titles in this event:  2 - Fernando Scherer (BRA) 93, 95; Lars Frolander (SWE) 99, 00

World Records

  • WR: 44.94 Amaury Leveaux (FRA) 13.12.08
  • TB: 45.52 Vladimir Morozov (RUS) 12.12.12 Istanbul 

All-time textile rankings top 5:

  • 45.52 Morozov 
  • 45.74 Cielo 
  • 45.83 Nystrand 
  • 45.97 Gilot
  • 46.25 Crocker 
  • 46.25 Schoeman