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Lochte Under Pressure For Gold No5

Dec 16, 2012  - Craig Lord

Istanbul, World Short-Course Championships, Day 5 finals:

Men's 100m medley

Still panting from the 200m backstroke, Ryan Lochte (USA) took his fifth gold medal of the meet in 51.21 ahead of a strong challenge from Kenneth To (AUS), on 51.38, having led to the 75m mark, and determined to get on the podium two years after 5th place when Lotto took the crown in what was the best textile-suit time ever, 50.86. Lochte lowered the textile mark to 50.71 in semis but was a touch to busy to repeat that today.

To have come so close but no cigar left To feeling low: "It's a bit unfortunate because I performed poorly on a few skills and I could have done better, so I am a bit disappointed. I didn't do the best breaststroke leg and I could have fixed the freestyle. I gave everything I got but I could do those few skills a bit better." 

The bronze went to George Bovell (TRI) on 51.66 two years after a narrow miss in 4th place. A thrilling race, one that saw veteran of the tiny medley Peter Mankoc (SLO) locked out in 4th on 52.51. If Bovell is second best ever in textile with a 51.20 from world cup tour, then To stepped up to 3rd best ever in textile today.

Lochte left the water to go straight to the presentation of the 200m backstroke, tried to give his medal to a child in the crowd but was prevented from doing so by an official but as he left the pool deck reached up and gave the prize to another child. In Istanbul, he revealed that he has given every world s/c medals he has won away to children. A fine gesture - and not one that ought to be regarded as disrespectful.

By the close of the meet, the 4x100m medley won by the US with Lochte in the mix once again, he had taken six golds, a silver, a bronze and set two world records, translating to this: $53,750 in prizes represented his share of a total handout of $430,000 over five days of racing in Istanbul.

Dubai 201 compared:

  • Lochte  50.86
  • Deibler 51.69
  • Fesikov 51.81

History in the making:

World s/c Podiums

  • 2012: 51.21; 51.38; 51.66
  • 2010:  50.86; 51.69; 51.81
  • 2008: 51.15; 52.21; 52.22
  • 2006: 52.42; 53.00; 53.97

World Records

  • WR: 50.76 Peter Mankoc (SLO) Istanbul 12.12.09
  • TB: 50.71 Ryan Lochte  (USA)Istanbul 15.12.12

All-time textile rankings top 5:

  • 50.71 Lochte
  • 51.20 Bovell 
  • 51.38 To
  • 51.52 Neethling
  • 51.69 M Deibler