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Jamieson Lands British Gas Deal

Dec 17, 2012  - Craig Lord

Olympic and world short-course silver medallist Michael Jamieson has signed a sponsorship deal with British Gas, the energy company that funds British Swimming to the tune of £15 million.

Coached by Dave McNulty at the Bath Intensive Training Centre, Jamieson will serves as a BG "swimming ambassador" for the next two years. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed. The man who finished a hand behind Daniel Gyurta's world-record breaking victory over 200m breaststroke at London 2012 and a little over a stroke behind the same Hungarian opponent at Istanbul 2012 last week, will promote British Gas’s sponsorship of swimming from grass roots to elite level.

 British Gas has been the principal partner of British Swimming since 2009 and has a six-year contract with the federation, a division of which, the ASA for England, was awarded £20 million by UK Sport today, £10.5 million of that sum dependant on proof that participation in swimming is on the rise in britain.

British Gas is helping those efforts, the company noting: "This summer over 141,000 people took the plunge with the British Gas Free Swims for Britain campaign, which encouraged the public to support the elite swimming athletes in return for free swims.

"British Gas also supported the post London 2012 British Swimming Heroes Tour, which saw Jamieson, Rebecca Adlington and Britain’s elite athletes from all aquatic disciplines, holding special master classes around the country to inspire children to get involved in aquatic sports."