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Danes Seek New Leader On The Deck

Nov 24, 2012

Denmark has split its top coaching job in two after the departure of Paulus Wildeboer in the top slot. The Danish Swimming Federation today issued a job advertisement searching for a coach who can "ensure the continued development of Danish elite swimming to the highest possible international level". 

The target: Olympics, World Championship and European Championship medals, with long-course focus.

A head coach is being sought for the National Training Center in Copenhagen, while a performance head would take on some of the off-deck responsibilities that the head coach role has included to date.

The head coach would be the point of reference for competition planning and liaison with swimmers, coaches, parents and officials in the sphere of the national squad.

Meanwhile, over in another corner of Scandinavia at Swedish s/c nationals in Helsingborg, teenager and local swimmer Louise Hansson, 16, got the better of Sarah Sjöström 53.34 to 53.36 in the 100m freestyle.