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In this Issue - June 1996

Talbot on the Australian Trials - Cecil Colwin's interview with Australian Head Coach Don Talbot.

Surviving the Circuit - Terry Gathercole discusses the effects of too much competition on the annual training cycle.

European Wrap Up - Karin Helmstaedt's wrap up coverage of the final European Pre-Olympic Meets.

Personality - An interview with City of Leeds head coach Terry Denison.

Swimming History - The story of Aileen Riggin - One of the first female Olympian Swimmers.

Swimming History - The story of Charlotte Epstein - Founder of the Women's Swimming Association of New York.

SPEEDO - Lanes to Atlanta - An profile of Canadian swimming star Joanne Malar.

1996 ULTRASWIM - Results from the 1996 UltraSwim in Charlotte, North Carloina.

Canet International - Results from the Canet International in France.

Barcelona Grand Prix - Results from the Barcelona Grand Prix in Spain.

Seven Hills International - Results from the Seven Hills International in Rome, Italy.

Speedo British Grand Prix - Results from the Speedo British Grand Prix in Sheffield, England.

Canada Cup - Results from the Canada Cup in Vancouver, B.C.

German Championships - Results from the German Championships in Braunschweig, Germany.

1996 Canadian Youth Championships - Results from the 1996 Canadian Youth Championships held in Nepean, Ontario.

BACKWASH - Gossip and rumours behind the news - Features short clips, gossip, letters, opinions and the rumours behind the news.

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