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In this Issue - April 1998

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Tom Dolan, First To Win Four Titles At Two U.S. Nationals

4 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month's issue includes our coverage of the U.S. Spring Nationals from Minneapolis, NCAA Mens and Womens Championships and a wrap up on the World Cup series.

6 USA Spring Nationals
By Russ Ewald
Dolan First to Win Four Titles at Two Nationals
Tappin Returns After Injury with Four Wins, Many New Faces on the Podium

8 Commentary
By George Block
Still Looking for a Better Way

8 National Notes
By Russ Ewald
Joke to Some, Opportunity for Others

9 Results USA Spring Nationals
Results from US Nationals

10 Issues: We're All In the Same Boat Now
By George Block
Comments on the long term influences of East Bloc training systems

11 1998 US Goodwill Games Swimming Team

12 Personality: Mark Versfeld
By Karin Helmstaedt
Looking for the Big Whirlwind

21 Women's NCAA Championships
By Nikki Dryden
Stanford Sparked by Fox and Hyman's Record Swims

23 Women's NCAA Championships Results
Results of the Women's NCAA Championships can be found in our Meet Results section.

24-25 Poster: Martina Moravcova, Slovakia
By Marco Chiesa

26 Men's NCAA Championships
By Penny Abrahams
Stanford Wins with Second-Highest Team Score Ever
Frolander Named Swimmer of the Meet

27 Commentary
By George Block
Stanford Fires on All Cylinders

28 Men's NCAA Championships Results
Results of the Men's NCAA Championships can be found in our Meet Results section

38 World Cup 2
By Nick J. Thierry
Wrap up report on World Cup 2

38 World Cup 3
By Nick J. Thierry
Wrap up report on World Cup 3

38 World Cup 4
By Nick J. Thierry
Wrap up report on World Cup 4

39 World Cup 5
By Anita Lonsbrough
Brits Dominate, Hickman Wins Four

40 World Cup 7
By Anita Lonsbrough
Participation Down in Gelsenkirchen

41 World Cup 9
By Anita Lonsbrough
World Cup Ends on a High with Three World Records

41 1998 FINA World Cup Scorers

41 World Cup Expands Still Further In 1999

44 BACKWASH - Gossip and rumours behind the news
Features short clips, gossip, letters, opinions and the rumours behind the news.


4 Calendar
13 1998 TAG 25 M Top 50 Age Group Times
14-20 Canadian Girls 25M Rankings 11-12, 13-14, 15-17
29-36 Canadian Boys 25M Rankings 11-12, 13-14, 15-17
40 Record Setters
42 Medal Winners 1998 FINA World Cup
44 Backwash
46 Making Waves

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