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In this Issue - June 1998

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World Champion Bill Pilczuk

4 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month's feature interview is with World Champion Bill Pilczuk. We also have coverage of the Mare Nostrum Series from Europe and an update on the German Drug Trials. We also have a historical overview on the Commonwealth Games and an interview with Grant Hackett's coach Denis Cotterell on his World Champs preparation.

5-7 Mare Nostrum Series
By Karin Helmstaedt
Participation Up, Competition Intense, Performance Levels Modest
Coverage on the Mare Nostrum Series

8 International Meet Results

9 Pankratov: The Return
By Karin Helmstaedt
The Worse It Is, The Better

10-11 Swimming History
By Jack G. Kelso
Historical Notes and Comments on the Commonwealth Games Commonwealth Milestones

17 Profile: Dennis Cotterell
By Paul Quinlan
Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performances

18-19 The German Trials
By Karin Helmstaedt
Theatre of the Absurd

20-21 Poster: Mai Nakamura, Japan
By Marco Chiesa

22 Results Canadian Youth Championships
Results from the Canadian Youth Championships

32 College Recruiting
By Gary Kinkead
The Five Most Important Areas of Consideration

34-35 American Personality: Bill Pilczuk
By Russ Ewald
Overcoming Tremendous Odds to Become a Champion

36-37BACKWASH - Gossip and rumours behind the news
Features short clips, gossip, letters, opinions and the rumours behind the news.


4 Calendar
4 Record Setters
12-16 American TAG (Top 25 US Age Group Times)
23 Youth Championship Records
23 Record Setters
25 Long Course World Rankings
26-31 Canadian TAG (Top 25 Age Group Times)
32 TOP (Tiny Olympic Prospects) PLUS 38 Making Waves

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