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World Record Setters, Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett

4 About this Issue
By Nick Thierry
This month we have coverage of the Australian SC Championships from Perth and the Qantas Skins Event from Sydney. We have short profiles on Canadian swimmers Jessica Deglau and Greg Hamm. We also have a report on the German Doping Trials as well as a report on athletes Chris-Carol Bremer and Mark Warnecke exposing what they believe is a widespread practice of 'doping to just under the limit' in swimming all over the world.

5 Swim Like A Fish
By Daniel Drolette
If You Want to Swim Really Fast, Stop Thrashing About, Relax, and Feel the Water
Unfortunately this article will only be available in our print edition.

17 Canadian Profile: Jessica Deglau
By Tyler Lewall
A Profile of Canadian swimmer Jessica Deglau

18 Success Breeds Success
By Paul Quinlan
Why the Australians Are So Competitive

7 QANTAS Skins: Innovative Format
By Paul Quinlan
Saturday Night Nationwide TV and Solid Fan Support

20-21 Poster: Susan O'Neill, AUS
By Duane Hart

22 German Trials
By Karin Helmstaedt
Minor Guilt Established. Laughable Penalties.

23 Doping to the Limit
By Karin Helmstaedt
Germans Think Swimmers' Drug Use Widespread All Over the World

33 Canadian Profile: Greg Hamm
By Tyler Lewall
Backstroke Medal Winner in Kuala Lumpur

22 Australian Short Course Championships
By Paul Quinlan
Short Course World Record Spree in Perth

36 Results Australian Short Course Championships
Results from the Australian Short Course Championships

37 Results South Africa Short Course Championships
Results from the South Africa Short Course Championships

7-8 International Meet Results

  • Swedish Grand Prix


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    9-16 Canadian TAG (Top 50 Age Group Times)
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