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FINA WC Day 4 - Men's Water Polo Match 15 & 16

Jul 16, 2003

Match 15, Men 18:30, 16.07.03
Quarters: 2-2, 2-1, 1-1, 2-0

Referees: Gyorgy Juhasz (HUN), Radu Matache (ROM)

SLOVAKIA: Michal Gogola, Peter Nizny (1), Juraj Zatovic, Jozef Hrosik (1), Peter Veszelits (1), Robert Kaid, Karol Baco, Milan Cipov (2), Martin Mravik, Michal Gergely, Tomas Bruder, Gejza Gyurcsy (1), Michal Hruska
Coach: Ondrej Gajdac

BRAZIL: Andre Cordeiro, Vincente Henriques, Leandro Machado, Erik Seegerer, Felipe Perrone (2), Roberto Seabra (2), Gabriel Reis, Fabio Cihdiquimo, Yansel Galindo, Andre Raposo, Rodrigo Santos, Alexandre Lopez, Daniel Mameri
Coach: Carlos Carvalho

Third place was on the line and both teams showed respect for the game with a competitive attitude. The opening two goals came on extra, one apiece and the other two from outside as they finished the period 2-2. Robert Seabra scored both Brazil's goals. Seventeen-year-old Felipe Perrone, of Brazil, scored off right-hand catch but Peter Veszelits, of Slovakia, gained an accurate cross pass on the break for 3-3. An extra-man goal had Slovakia 4-3 up at the turn. Perrone struck again on counter for 4-4. Josef Hrosik hit the crossbar on penalty but Milan Cipov had Slovakia ahead soon after. Cipov made it 6-4 with a penalty at 4:41 of the fourth quarter. Hrosik gained the last goal two seconds from time for 7-4.

Match 16, Men 19:45, 16.07.03
Quarters: 4-2, 1-3, 1-2, 4-1

Referees: Wim Keman (AHO), Erhan Tulga (TUR)

SPAIN: Angel Luis Andreo, Jesus Rollan, Sergi Pedrerol (2), Gustavo Marcos, Guillermo Molina, Xavier Garcia, Gabriel Hernandez (2), Ivan Moro (1), Daniel Ballart (1), Salvador Gomez (1), Ivan Perez (2), Javier Sanchez-Toril (1), Daniel Moro
Coach: Juan Jane

RUSSIA: Nicolay Maksimov, Yury Iatsev (1), Alexander Fedorov, Nikolay Kozlov, Roman Balashov, Alexander Eryshov (2), Revaz Tchomakhidze (1), Dmitri Stratan (1), Dmitri Gorchkov (1), Marat Zakirov (1), Sergey Garbuzov, Irek Zinnourov (1), Andrey Reketchinski
Coach: Alexander Kabanov

Spain started in the right royal manner demanded of it by the proximity of the royal family and former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch in the stands. Three goals in three minutes had Spain in the box seat. Alexander Eryshov replied for Russia but Gabriel Hernandez made it 4-1 from the penalty line. Late in the period Irek Zinnourov converted an extra-man chance for 4-2. Tempers reached fever pitch in the second quarter with players battling in the pool, especially at the end of the period when players engaged. Yuri Iatsev, Revaz Tchomakhidze and Dmitri Stratan all scored for Russia with the sole extra-man goal to Ivan Moro making it 5-5. Dmitri Gorchkov scored on extra and Zakirov scored on a rebound for 7-5 but on the next attack Ivan Perez dragged in an extra-man, cross pass. The Spanish Armada set sail in the fourth with three straight goals for a 9-7 lead. Goals were swapped at the end and both teams engaged in a melee but Spain had the match 10-8 and possibly the group.

Points after two days:
Group A: CRO 3 (+10), HUN 3 (+4), ROM 2 (+3), CAN 0 (-17).
Group B: USA 3 (+10), SER/MON 3 (+1), AUS 2 (+7), JPN 0 (-18).
Group C: ITA 4 (+14), GRE 2 (+13), GER 2 (-1), CHN 0 (-26).
Group D: ESP 4 (+9), RUS 2 (+1), SVK 2 (0), BRA 0 (-10).