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Borysik 58.67 100 Breast Out Of The Blue

Jul 25, 2009  - Craig Lord

No idea why none of us had heard of this before but here is what is listed on the heats sheet of the Omega start list for the 100m breaststroke at world championships in Rome: 58.67 world record 100m breaststroke.

At the Ukraine National Cup, Kharkiv, June 11-14: on June 13, Igor Borysik swam a time trial and clocked 58.67 (split 27.63)
 in the 100m breaststroke. 

On July 11, he won the 100m event in 1:00.22. Then, he was unable to wear the Jaked01 because FINA had banned it at that stage and his federation in Ukraine followed the command of the international federation. On June 13, he wore a Jaked01 and blasted out that 58.67. The  time cannot stand as a world record because the suit he wore was officially banned at the time he swam. In addition, the standard cannot stand as a world record unless there was a doping test, a suit check with suit confirmed as being from the May 19 approved list of FINA, and an announcement prior to the swim that there would be a world-record attempt. Those are the conditions of FINA rules.

Time trials such as those ought to be outlawed. Expect much more of that kind of nonsense from left field before January 1, 2010.

And in Rome, expect times to get down the way of what is now a Ukraine national record but may never stand a s a world record. The start sheet for Rome should not list the time as a world record. It has not been ratified by FINA. Will the international federation ratify such a swim when it cannot possibly know what was worn?