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Shock News: Filippi, Koga, Soni Win, No WRs

Jul 28, 2009  - Craig Lord

Rome 2009, Day 3: 

Women's 1,500m freestyle final:

Italian Alessia Filippi sent a Roman crowed into a frenzy with a 15:44.93 victory in the fastest 30-lapper in history (oddly enough):  four under under 16mins; 7 under 16:10. Lotte Friis (DEN) took silver and Camelia Potec (ROU) bronze in 15:46.30 and 15:55.63 respectively. The 15:42.54 world record of Kate Ziegler (USA) survived, meaning that at lest one world record from the pre-non-textile era will survive.

Ziegler is due to make a comeback. Not having raced since hitting the wrong note in Beijing last year, the world record holder is due to compete at the  US Open Championships. Competition will take place at the Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center,  Federal Way, Washington from August 4 to 8. I wonder if she's watching the circus from afar. Afar is the best seat in the house. From where I'm sitting, its all a little up-close and ugly.

Meanwhile, back in the Big Tent ... "I had the perfect race. I'm stunned," said Filippi, as the Roman crowd whooped and whistled. "I wanted to please the crowd to show them I could do it. Alessia has changed. This is the new Alessia ... I'm more determined than before." She wore a Jaked01.

Junya Koga (JPN) claimed the 100m backstroke crown in 52.26 ahead of Helge Meeuw (GER), on 52.54, and Aschwin Wildeboer (ESP), on 52.64. That locked Ryosuke Irie (JPN) and Liam Tancock (GBR) out of the medals by 0.09sec. 

"I've always dreamt of winning the world title. I'm so happy but now I have to stay calm and get back to reality," said Koga, who wore a Descente Aquaforce. 

In the 100m breaststroke final, Rebecca Soni (USA) claimed the crown in 1:04.93, to Russian Yulia Efimova's 1:05.41, and a 1:05.75 for Kasey Carlson (USA). Stats to follow when we've all had a drink and a long lie down in the shade.

Stats: women's 1,500m freestyle:

Rome 2009:

  • Top 8: 15:44.93 - 16:16.10
  • Inside 15:50: 2
  • Inside 16:00: 4
  • Inside 16:15: 7

Melbourne 2007:

  • Top 8: 
  • Inside 15:55: 1
  • Inside 16:00: 3
  • Inside 16:15: 5

The all-time top 10 going into the Rome final:

  • 15:42.54 Ziegler USA
  • 15:52.10 Evans USA 1988
  • 15:52.84 Filippi ITA
  • 15:55.38 Rigamonti SUI
  • 15:57.36 Peirsol USA
  • 15:57.89 Potec ROU
  • 15:58.23 Friis DEN
  • 15:58.55 Shibata JPN
  • 15:58.75 Kobrich CHI
  • 16:00.18 Stockbauer GER

And how things looked in 2007:

  • 15:42.54 Ziegler USA
  • 15:52.10 Evans USA 1988
  • 15:55.38 Rigamonti SUI
  • 15:57.36 Peirsol USA
  • 15:58.55 Shibata JPN
  • 16:00.18 Stockbauer GER
  • 16:03.01 Manaudou FRA
  • 16:03.30 Munz USA
  • 16:04.49 Linehan USA 1979
  • 16:04.84 Lewis AUS 1993