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Cesar Rules Again: 2nd Sprint Free Crown

Aug 1, 2009  - Craig Lord

Rome 2009, Day 7

Men's 50m freestyle final

Cesar Cielo (BRA) and his X-Glide added the 50m freestyle title to his 100m crown with a 21.08 championship record, ahead of part-time training partner Fred Bousquet and his French teammate Amaury Leveaux, both in Jaked01s.

The winning time from Melbourne 2007, 21.88, would have been well off the pace of the fastest suits in town. Suits soon to be sunk without trace. Good riddance. It was hideous. Cielo is the real deal and will be a force in shorts. He and the rest of the field have put the work in. The times on the clock tell another story. One that should never have been told. 

Cielo joins the legendary Alex Popov (RUS) in the club of those who have won both sprint crowns.

Rome 2009:

  • Final: 21.08cr - 21.53
  • Inside 21.5: 6

Melbourne 2007

  • Final: 21.88 - 22.28
  • Inside 21.5: 0
  • Inside 22: 0
  • Inside: 22: 3
  • Inside 22.3: 8