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The Maddest Moment Of The Maddest Meet

Aug 2, 2009  - Craig Lord

Some things transcend suits. If Rebecca Soni had not yet learned to race and pace in a shiny suit, then you might also say that Nadja Higl had not until this month figured as a contender for the podium at world level. Not even close. 

At the turn of the year, Higl, 22 in 2009, languished at 241st on the all-time list. Now she is 4th. In May this year, Higl improved her lifetime best from 2:30.51 to 2:29.88. In early July, she started to step up a gear. In the past month, she has wiped 8.26sec off her best 200m breaststroke time and finds herself a world champion.

For that, she gets the prize for the maddest moment of the maddest meet in history.

Higl's Comet:

  • 2:21.62 Rome final July 2009
  • 2:22.28 Rome semi July 2009
  • 2:23.19 Rome heats July 2009
  • 2:23.34 world student games semi July 2009
  • 2:24.20 world student games final July 2009
  • 2:26.35 world student games heats July 2009
  • 2:29.79 June 2009
  • 2:29.88 May 2009
  • 2:29.93 June 2009
  • 2:30.51 June 2008

The question is: how does that happen? By any measure you care to take, by and standard you wish to look at, the above is aberration beyond.