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WR: Efimova Regains Disallowed Mark in 30.09

Aug 2, 2009  - Craig Lord

Rome 2009, Day 8

Women's 50m breaststroke

Yulia Efimova (RUS) regained the world record, one she and an unapproved suit lost in a FINA ruling last month, with a 30.09 victory in the  50m breaststroke. The silver went to Rebecca Soni (US) in 30.11, with Sarah Katsoulis (AUS) taking bronze in 30.16. 

"I feel really happy, really emotional. It's my first gold. These world championships have been a very important experience and given me the will to go home and train harder and get stronger. My dream as a child was to win the Olympic Games and leave a mark on sport history. I will work hard to achieve it," said Efimova.

Rome 2009

  • Final: 24.04wr - 25.15
  • Inside 30.5: 4
  • Inside 31: 8

Melbourne 2007

  • Final: 30.68 - 31.86
  • Inside 30.5: 0
  • Inside 31: 2
  • Inside 31.5: 5
  • Inside 32: 8

Here is the mad, mad world of 2009 progression, interrupted by a time that was disallowed because Efimova swam in a suit that has not been approved for use. The X-Glide was modified to make it acceptable but it still did what it said on the tin: it enhanced performance like all the other suits to one degree or another, helping some more than others along the way.

  • 28/04/09: 50m breaststroke - Yulia Efimova (RUS) 30.23 Moscow (disallowed)
  • 28/04/09: 50m breaststroke - Yulia Efimova (RUS) 30.05 Moscow
  • 08/07/09: 50m breaststroke - Amanda Reason (CAN) 30.23 Montreal
  • 02/08/09: 50m breaststroke - Yulia Efimova (RUS) 30.09