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Championship Marks Set Standard For Finals

Dec 15, 2010  - Craig Lord

Dubai, world short-course championships, day 1 semi-finals

The five semi-finals produced three championship records.

Women's 50m breaststroke

Zhao Jin (CHN) and Leiston Pickett (CHN) droev each other to sub-30sec efforts in the second semi-final, Zhao on 29.96, Pickett 0.02sec away, with Rebecca Soni (USA) third in 30sec flat. Next through, Yulia Efimova (RUS) clocked 30.16, while Sarah Katsoulis closed the door to the final in 30.46. 

Men's 100m backstroke

Stanislav Donets (RUS) threw down the gauntlet with a championship record of 49.62, off a 23.90 split. Either side of him in the final will be backstroke ace of the year Camille Lacourt (FRA), on 50.53, and world record holder Nick Thoman (USA), on 50.69. The final closed at Ryosuke Irie's 50.98 for Japan.

Men's 100m breaststroke

Mike Alexandrov (USA) blasted a championship record of 57.18, off a 26.93 split, to take lane four for the final. To his left and right will be two men matched today, Felipe Silva (BRA), fastest in the world this year and on 57.19, off 27.24, and Cameron Van Der Burgh (RSA), on 57.19, off 26.44. Close by, Fabio Scozzoli (ITA) on 57.35 and Daniel Gyurta (HUN) on 57.84. Last one through was world long-course champion Brenton Rickard (AUS) matched on 58.37 with China's Wang Shuai until a swim off separated them 58.45 to 58.71. Those locked out included Hugues Duboscq (FRA) and Mark Gangloff (USA).

Women's 100m backstroke

Gao Chang (CHN) set a championship record of 56.58 to place clear blue water between lane four for the final and those who aspire to the gold medal she covets. Next through produced a US Vs China battle, with Melissa Franklin on 57.49, Zhao Jing on 57.54 and Olympic champion Nathalie Coughlin on 57.61. Last on the aquatic grid was Mercedes Peris (ESP) in 58.31.

Men's 100m butterfly

Albert Subirats (VEN) led the way on 50.51, 0.07sec ahead of Masayuki Kishida (JPN) with Kaio Almeida (BRA) just 0.04sec further adrift. World record holder Evgeny Korotyshkin (RUS) went through in 50.78, with ADN Project parter Jason Dunford (KEN) claiming the last place in the final with the last sub-51sec effort, on 50.98. read more from the training partners in our how rivals square up series. Among casualties were Chris Wright (AUS), Tyler McGill (USA) and Laszlo Cseh (HUN).